Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'd say that would be a wake-up call.

If you were to suddenly come to, and found yourself in the middle of a field, dressed as Darth Vader and swinging a crutch, that might be a sign that your drinking problem has gotten a little out of hand.

Which is not to say that most Star Wars nerds couldn't use a good beating with a crutch by the town drunk every now and again.


Matt G said...

Not to say that the asshat didn't deserve a termination of his ale-swilling privelidges for awhile, but but good lord! There were at least three geeks to the one drunken asshat. Why not issue him an on-the-spot drubbing?

"Thaht's rahlly quite painful."'

Weinie boys.

OA said...

I dunno...I think I'm sidin' with Darth Vader on this one.

D.W. Drang said...

Members of the Jedi Faith Church, with light sabers--excuse me, sabres--couldn't take a drunk with a crutch?
Weak in them the Force is.
Disappointed Yoda is.

Jenna said...

Gotta go with Matt on this.

I'll confess to nerdhood, and the hubby DID make custom lightsabers for all our groomsmen - however as the lads are all reinactors and their sabers are combat capable (they'll take a hit with a Jeep with ease) I'm sure my "big brothers" would have managed to handle the situation a bit differently.

Seriously. If you are swinging a sword like object around and a drunk swings at you - take the sucker to the ground and make sure to humiliate/sober him up fully before calling the police.

Knowing my Jedi's as I do, I would imagine something in the line of the drunk being found roughed up a touch then forcibly marched through town in Leia's bikini and cinnabuns.

John B said...

Reminds me of a couple of Star Wars fans who were disrupting a Science Fiction Convention. Six years after the first movie, and the little fifteen year old schmucks are acting like they invented it. I was one of the original 15 year old schmucks when the movie first came out. So I told them if they didn't stop their impromptu dueling, I'd come after them with something meaner than a light saber..... A HEAVY SABER!!!

They WERE bothering me while I was drinking.....