Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Toiling in the fields.

Just finished weeding and turning the soil at the far end of the raised bed in the back yard. I put in a grape tomato start and am ready to plant some carrots and radishes. As I was cleaning fallen leaves and maple spinners out of the herb rows, I noticed that the last of my three garlic bulbs has sprouted. Yay! I was worried about the li'l guy.

Okay, maybe not big news to anybody else, but it was huge for me.


og said...

LOL! Wow, you planted garlic. On purpose. In central Indiana. ROFLMAO!

In ten years, when you have to put on a hazmat suit to go out and mow the garlic. Every other day. You will look back on the irony of this moment.

Hey, dont go by me, though. I mow my garlic every week, and just let the neighbors kvetch.

curtislowe said...

Maple Spinners = Helicopters for all you midwesterners

phlegmfatale said...

Nice to hear you having such pleasure with your garden. Sounds lovely. In fact, you should post some pics!

Engineer-Poet said...

I'm sure garlic succumbs to Roundup.  Besides, where's she going to hide if Indiana is invaded by vampires?  Silver ammo is so expensive.