Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Not gonna do it.

Despite the fact that it seems to be a surefire comment generator and bona fide hit machine, we will not be discussing "Oh noes! Teh gayz are getting married in Kali!" here at VFTP.


og said...

Too late You left comments open! Nyah Nyah!!!

John B said...

I gotta throw in my nickle. It would have been 2cents, but hey copper and zinc are too valuable...

this is from another comment I made..

Ellen is marrying someone else, (sniffle)!

Is AAHH-Knee! going to perform the Ceremony?

I think the gay community is shooting itself in the foot on this one.

They want the same rights and privileges as everyone else.....

Why exactly?

I thought the point to being Gay was difference and diversity.

I mean I have made the professional acquaintance of any number of black men who could qualify for the KKK just by opening their mouth.....

Why the screaming struggle to be just like everyone else?

There's the very real danger you might succeed.

big john

Rick C said...

Meh, gays ALREADY have the same rights as us straights. Any gay man can marry a woman at any time, just like I can (well, could...I'm already married.)

What's that you say, in the peanut gallery? "That's not what we meant!" Hm, perhaps you should've been more precise.

Tam said...

Clever analogy, but a bit simplistic.

The straight dude in your analogy has the right to marry a woman, as does the hypothetical gay dude.

Hypothetical straight guy also has the right to marry the adult, consenting, object of his affections and sexual desires. His opposite number? Not so much.

LabRat said...

Er... I kind of thought the point to being gay was being exclusively attracted to your own gender. There's all sorts of ways to be different.

Also, isn't homosexuals marrying heterosexuals- and then having a great big family blowup when the straight wife/husband plus kids eventually figure out the whole thing was based on lies- kind of a BAD thing?

og said...

Gay couples should have the same rights and priveleges as straight couples. Just not the name. Marriage is between a man and a woamn, and rewriting the definitions of words by force of law is a bad idea.

steamdragon said...

The reason for the fight is INSURANCE money.

Spouse is legally defined as the person you are MARRIED to.

Civil Union partner does not qualify.


Just watch what happens to Cali health insurance rates now...

Acronym game: zhiyhxa

Err, Nope, not even gonna try

Flintlock Tom said...

When Ellen declared that she was "registered at Crate 'n Barrel" it kind of took the edge off of it for me.

bobn said...

This should be a boon for conservatives. We know they all object to gay sex, and "everybody knows" that nothing stops sex like marriage ;)