Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What if you threw a party and nobody came?

Sebastian says that the Brady Bunch website is one weak, non-reader-having, big sucking void on the intarw3b.

Astroturf, indeed. Is there anyone who thinks about (or even cares about) gun control who isn't on the clock?


Assrot said...

I care a lot about gun control.

You must have good gun control to lead that clay just right for skeet, trap, sporting clay shoots, etc.

You definitely need excellent trigger control if your pistol or revolver is DAO and has a heavy trigger.

Two handed gun control is a must when shooting the Desert Eagle .50AE with a 10 inch barrel or a BFR in .30-30 using 170 grain bullets and a 10 inch barrel.

I could go on about the necessary points of gun control forever.

The gun control we don't need comes from politicians and whining Liberals. That's all we really need to remember.


P.S. - I control my guns just fine. I don't need any help in that area especially from any government official.

The Armed Canadian said...

Yes, Tam, there are. Go visit Democratic Underground sometime. There are a few hard-left Democrats there that honestly do believe in gun control and follow the VPC/Brady playbook.

Sadly for them, they believe they have a powerful message there and think that gun control will win elections for Democrats because that forum is, shall we say, rather vigorous at stifling any thoughts they feel are non-Progressive.

I know. I've been kicked off there three times for daring to point out Federal law as written.

But as you note, these folks in the echo chamber of circular mental masturbation don't translate their passion for the cause into the real world. I guess they feel better being stroked and made to be feel good in the company of like-minded others rather than face having people, gasp, disagree with them.

Fine by me. Let them live in fantasyland.

Mike W. said...

Stay away from DU. Your brain might explode.

Andy Freeman said...

Outside the US, there's Tim Lambert.