Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oh, that bowl.

Apparently, Indy is going to host some kind of bowl game in 2012. From the hype, I thought it was going to be an important one, like the Sugar Bowl or the Cotton Bowl, but apparently it will just be some Super thingummy with no SEC teams involved.


GeorgeH said...

Lots of fiber
That's the only way to survive a Super Bowel.
That and stocking up enough consumables to be able to not leave the house for a week.

Rob K said...

Indy will handle it just fine. Every year we host the world's largest single day sporting event, the Greatest Spectacle in Racing™ This silly football shindig can't be much compared to that.

Ahab said...

Yeah, it's pretty awesome for Indy to have pulled this down. While the 500 is the largest sporting event in the world; the Super Bowl has a much larger media focus in the US.

It's only the 4th time a cold weather city has drawn the big game, so that's another bonus there.

Oh, and when it comes to college football - Big 10 all the way.

Nathan Brindle said...

So glad I'll be out of town.

Unless the Bears are in it, of course.

Zendo Deb said...

Indiana in January (or is it February now?) is a bad choice for a Super Bowl.

But at least it won't be in Florida.

(SB football fans are worse than Spring Breakers and Spring Training fans combined....)