Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's the simple things.

Very simple things can really get me looking forward to tomorrow.

For example, knowing that I have onion & garlic bagels, cream cheese, and smoked salmon in the fridge has me almost as excited as Christmas used to when I was little. I want to go to bed so it will hurry up and be morning and I can chow down on them.


Mark Alger said...

Boy, do I know that feeling.

Friday is pizza night at Casa d'Alger.

This week: Foccaccia!


Will said...

What? no midnight snack to ensure you sleep soundly? Heavens!

word ver: pzatz

angus lincoln said...

Ahhh, but the midnight snacks cause vivid dreams, no?

e said...

whitefish salad with tomato and red onion on an everything bagel: the ultimate hangover breakfast.

phlegmfatale said...

THanks. Now I'm desperate to get me to a bagelry.

El Capitan said...

Smoked salmon is deelish, but some time you ought to try that combo with a couple of slices of hot pastrami and a dash of garlic salt.

LabRat said...

I can't get a bagel for love or money out here. By the time we can get to the only place within a hundred miles that has them (down in Santa Fe), they're generally sold out of every kind of pumpernickel-raisin.

...And until just now, that didn't bother me.

LabRat said...

Er, every kind EXCEPT.

Bagel deficiency is killing our ability to properly use prepositions.

Nathan Brindle said...

Damn, Tam, I'm coming to breakfast at your place. (kidding :) )

My wife abhors salmon. I have no idea what's wrong with her, she was brought up in a good Jewish family. Makes no sense. When I need a lox fix, I have to go to synagogue on a Sunday mornings. (Hmm, haven't done that for a while. Where's my tallis?)

Also weird, she never ate chicken until she married me. But she won't eat fried chicken...only grilled or baked. Never knew a Jewish girl (who wasn't a vegan) who wouldn't eat chicken.

What a country.

Anonymous said...

Tam: Add capers to your concoction. Yummy.