Saturday, May 31, 2008

I will only use my powers for Good...

I got home from the show today (report to follow tomorrow) and noticed that the power was still out. I left the car parked in the alley, hiked around the block to the front of the house, and opened the door while obviously fuming.

Roberta X was there and asked "What's wrong?"

"%^*#$@%^*&*@! Indy Power & Light! I can't %^*&^# believe the power is still out! I'm going to call those $%&@($%&^ right now."

At that exact instant, the power came back on.

It hasn't gone off again since.

Fear me.


Anonymous said...

Any preferences/ideas on how I should set up my alter to you? :-p

Kevin said...

Your alter what?

Anonymous said...

Don't try to frighten us with your sorceress ways, Tamara. Your sad devotion to that ancient...


Anonymous said...

"The Force is strong in this one"

Anonymous said...

I'm reminded of something Bill Wittle wrote, to the effect of:

People complaining about the power being off for hours, without giving any thought that's it's been on for their entire lives.


Jeffro said...

Does this power reach for long distances? Think of the potential money earning possibilities here. There have been many times I'd pay a fee to get the juice back on.

Anonymous said...

Does this new found power branch into other areas? Can we look forward to the Duncan Hunter administration?

Word verification: wybjecu. Snarkian for "fat chance".


Anonymous said...

Forehead on the floor in supplication, I ask a boon of you.

Please make the wheels of the little brown truck 'o happiness spin like a windmill in a tempest, to speed up my latest purchase of ammo and new grips for the model 29.

(note to self)
Next time, remember to supplicate further away from the cat pan! ;)

breda said...

All shall love her and despair...

Anonymous said...

My gosh, us male types are becoming surrounded by a group of intelligent, great looking gals who shoot!!!

All is lost!!

The Captain said...

Joseph -

Where I'm from, we call that a gift from above.

Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

You don't fool all of us, Tam.

You will not use this power for good, except by accident.

You will use it for your personal amusement.

( grgnfESP indeed .... )

Assrot said...

Damn and I thought that Roberta X was the "Mighty One".


It seems that Tam has mutant X-Men / X-Women powers.

My knees quiver at the sound of your name.


Let us chant. "All hail Tam. All hail Tam. All hail Tam..."