Friday, June 26, 2009

Dear Congress Critter...

...I'm not going to say something mean like "I hope you burn in hell", but if you'd be kind enough to hold these marshmallows while I volunteer my services (and any loose change I have lying around) to the campaign of whoever feels like running against you in next year's election, I'd rightly appreciate it.

Got that, Andre? I could spare a kind word for Satan himself if he was your opponent in the general election.

Just think, by this time in '11, you'll be a one-term ex-congresscritter looking for honest work. Better start sucking up to them lobbyists, weasel! :)


Anonymous said...

We are so screwed. My retirement plans just got wasted, my son's future as a wage slave, if he can even find private employment, is assured.

I hope that people come out of their shells long enough to realize what just got passed and vote every one of those bastards that voted for the bill pay the ultimate political price, defeat in the '10 election.


Anonymous said...

I was going to add some well-contemplated, erudite comment, but I got poleaxed by the entirely fitting word verification I got:


Damn, upstaged by a captcha.


Anonymous said...

All three of my Utah representitives voted NO. In appreciation I emailed them all a thank you letter. I felt it was the least I could do, seeing how they tried to rescue the sinking ship of state.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

PS -- this hasn't already gone through the Senate, has it??
If it has, we are definately screwed, blued & tattooed.
If not, there may be a slim-to-none hope yet.

B Woodman

Steve Skubinna said...

Doesn't matter. By the next election, any adverse consequences will have been nailed as "Bush's fault."

Either that, or denied away. Sort of like unemployment has become "funemployment."

staghounds said...

I like the way that the entire discussion the rag printed was about patronage, wealth redistribution, and other money subjects. Nothing at all about the alleged goal of the bill itself.

Not even its supporters believe that most of us who vote believe in or care about "global warming".

My captcha is gzvolyne, doubtless now heavily taxed for its adverse climatic effects.

Or, the car fuel of the fut-chah!

alath said...

Carson's support for the Democrats' "Control the Weather by Creating New Taxes" plan is actually pretty low on the list of ludicrous things about him. One of my favorites is that he is reportedly a special advisor to Obama on Islamic affairs. As if an inner-city patronage charlatan from Indiana has some special insight into the thoughts and motives of a stone age tribal people on the other side of the world.

perlhaqr said...

“It might as well have been named the cap-and-trade-our-jobs-to-China bill,” Souder said.

Well, someone understands, at least...

milton f said...

"Cap" our productivity and "Trade" our prosperity.
As GM goes, so goes the country, so we will all be grubmint employees soon.

Anonymous said...

The Enviros are fond of the saying that "Everything is tied to everything else." That holds true for more than just environmental issues.

This bill will raise the cost of electricity. I guess the Congresstards figure electricity is only for lights and A/C in goobermint buildings, bars, restaurants and jewelry stores; it's not required in any manufacturing. Unfortunately for that little dab of ignorance, it's used in the manufacture of fertilizer, which is used to grow food.

Electric prices go up? So do food prices--and the costs of everything else as well. Everything: Cement and steel for the Big O's infrastructure projects, among other stuff. It might well be cheaper for foreign car plants here to shut down; ocean freight costs are quite reasonable, really.



Anonymous said...

Ed Markey stated that this bill was a "revolution". No, Congressman, it was just plain old rent seeking and tyranny.

Perhaps there SHOULD be a revolution as my government just declared war on me.

Shootin' Buddy

Unknown said...

Wasn't going to comment, but the captcha is "densla."
Isn't that the high IQ society of our elected officials.
As for Cap and Trade, it will crash the economy. I'm amazed the Democrats pushed it through before socialized medicine since I can't see how they'll get that passed during Great Depression 2.0.
Looking for the silver lining, Cap and Trade can be reversed a lot easier than National Health Control, er ... Care.

milton f said...


Anonymous said...

My REPUBLICAN Representative voted for this travesty! Of course, he IS from Seattle...... And to think that I voted for Dave Reichart because he WASN'T another liberal Democrat from Seattle....Crap.


Caleb said...

Wait, you're surprised that Andre "I'm in Congress because my mother was" Carson voted for this piece of shit? You know, one of the reasons I like Dan Burton (my representative) is that he'd rather play golf than actually vote on stuff. And when he does vote, it's usually for gun rights, and against stupid shit like this.

Sherm said...

I appreciate the oblique reference to Winston Churchill's "If Hitler invaded hell I would make at least a favorable reference to the devil in the House of Commons." It highlights the type of people we're dealing with.

Caleb said...

You know, reading the number of Hoosier Democrats that voted against this (Mark Souder, holy shit) makes me almost kind of hopeful that Evan Bayh and Dick Lugar won't pull some stupid stunt and vote for this.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

"I'm in Congress because my mother was"

Grandmother, but it doesn't make any difference.

As turns out, I've been sitting in meetings today with the guy who ought to be sitting in his chair right now, and who is more of a statesman in his little finger than Andre is in his entire body.

Hard to beat the machine.

José Giganté said...

Just remember folks, when we are paying $6 a gallon for gas to kick anyone sporting an "O" bumpersticker in his man-purse when he starts bitching about those evil "Big Oil" companies.

Windy Wilson said...

You must admit, Satan is a very hard worker.

Anonymous said...

This is retarded. I actually believe in the climate change boogyman, and this bill is still stupid. It's too late to turn this around with this kind of lame, costly effort. We debated and futzed and this is too little, too late. We should focus either on using our wealth and technology on adapting to what's comming OR try for some way cool scientific program to work around the damage done. I vote for dumping sulfur dioxide into the upper atmosphere. (i think it's sulfur dioxide, dunno it's what volcanos spew in major eruptions) It caused major global cooling many times in the past. It would put people to work, and we could get the other developed nations to foot part of the bill.


T.Stahl said...

Tam, look at it this way:
I'm trying to get into the wind energy industry. A rising demand for wind mills might help me to come over to the US.

T.Stahl said...

Six bucks a gallon?
Freely adapted from Shakespeare:
"You few, you happy few!" ;-)

mts1 said...

There were 44 Democrats and 168 Republicans opposed, including Indiana Democrats Joe Donnelly, Brad Ellsworth and Pete Visclosky, and Republicans Dan Burton, Steve Buyer, Mike Pence and Mark Souder.

When Anti-Pistol Pete votes against a liberal idea, you know it has to be a very, very, very bad bill. Like a stopped clock is right twice a day, this ole boy is accidentally right every eon or so. I think he did five darn good things in the 19 years he's been up there, so he's not 100% bad. I hope my fingers don't fall off as I type this, but today, I agree with a vote by Pete Visclosky.

José Giganté said...

Not only didn't they read the damned thing, it isn't even FINISHED! Monty Python couldn't come up with a more bafoonish take on the sausage factory.

Tam said...

"Six bucks a gallon?
Freely adapted from Shakespeare:
"You few, you happy few!" ;-)

Just because you're taxed to death doesn't mean you should want your friends taxed that way, too.

T.Stahl said...

Na, I'd rather want to be one of those happy few. Even if I had to leave my funny grey HK behind.
What's the price of diesel over there? $3/gal?