Friday, June 26, 2009

Two Minutes' Hate.

SEOUL, South Korea — Punching their fists into the air and shouting "Let's crush them!" some 100,000 North Koreans packed Pyongyang's main square Thursday for an anti-U.S. rally...
Then they shouted "Long Live Our Dear Leader!", followed by "Applause!"

Spontaneous mass hate is a lot less impressive when it's happening someplace you couldn't take a spontaneous dump without filling out forms in triplicate, and there's a guy in every office and factory floor chanting "Inhale!... Exhale!..."
North Korean troops will respond to any sanctions or U.S. provocations with "an annihilating blow," one senior official vowed.
Of course, over the past fifty years, North Korea has threatened "annihilating blows" over such things as changes in the weather and the movie Team America, but their tantrums were paid less attention, but they tend to get more attention when they start playing with the big bottle rockets.


Anonymous said...

The little man with the fright wig and the boiler suit loves him a pep rally don't he.

ZerCool said...

"America ... Fuck yeah!"

I need to watch that again, while giving a hearty one-finger salute in the general direction of Korea.

WV: ansup - "Y'all better ans'up in there or we're sending in the dog!"

og said...

"followed by "Applause!"

It's like listening to Dennis Miller. You have to smile when you catch the little dig that most everyone else just glazes over and doesn't understand at all.

Douglas Hester said...

The word "spontaneous" doesn't exist over there.

Don't give the Dear Leader guff for having some of his peasants over, though for a nice rally, though. He's probably just ronery.

Ross said...

I'd be more worried about getting invaded by the Duchy of Grand Fenwick than NK.

Larry said...

Spent a few years with the DRPK as the sole focus of my professional life.

It's an interesting subject. Total train wreck to watch. Can't believe we have screwed the pooch so hard on this issue for so long, as the cancer metastasized. Common wisdom was, "leave'em alone to stew in their juices long enough and they will come out tender."

It probably would have worked too. They were on the verge of collapse so long. But we have mommy government these last few decades, and mommy doesn't make little boys and girls go to bed without supper. So while we waited for their inevitable collapse due to starvation and lack of fuel (due entirely to their own mis-management, mind you. No moral culpability attached to us), we kept shipping them food and fuel. With no strings attached.

Anonymous said...

I'm not too worried about 20 million hungry ignorant shivering untrained NK's. I think we'd be doing them a favor if we did invade and kill them. Put them out of their misery. Just sayin'.
I'm more worried about the one mad dog at the top. You've heard of the tail wagging the dog? There it is.

B Woodman

Matt G said...

A few years ago, N. Korea promised to bomb the US, for the US speculating that perhaps we ought to propose maybe cutting aid to them, because they were working on a nuclear weapons program.

Not that we were talking about direct action against them; just that we were talking about cutting aid. For *that*, they said that they'd blow us off the map.


Unknown said...

I spent a year at 8th Army Hqs in Seoul and almost literally rubbed elbows with these people at Panmunjom more than once.

I cringe every time someone else suggests again that "we just go in and kill them" in yet another Asian country.
American blood is precious.

It simply isn't necessary. The US military can virtually annihilate Dear Leader's regular forces with remote conventional weapons.
They are already targeted. It would be murder, but it's do-able. This is not 1950.

The ROK's and KATUSA's would be delighted to go in and sweep up what's left.

Tam said...

Oh, I have no desire to send U.S. troops into that petri dish.

It's still fun to make fun of, though...

Fenris said...

What worries me about NK is that they're backed into a corner. Everyone knows how close to bone they're living. Who knows where the leadership is going to go after the High Schmoo shuffles off. For the most part, everyone expects their threats to be toothless and pro forma. What do they have to lose by detonating every last munition they own? They can't hold on by their fingernails forever and wouldn't it make for an ego-tripping end if they turned as much of SK to radioactive waste as they could? That's scary.

J.R.Shirley said...

"Americaaaaa- f@ck, yeah!"