Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Your morning dose of apocalyptic cheerfulness:

"Welcome to the savage world of the year 2009."

I wonder how the unemployment rate stacks up between '92 and '09? I'd check, but I'd just depress myself.

On the other hand, in 1992 Dodge was still making the Dynasty, and in 2009 it's long dead, so there's an upside...


Marja said...

Off subject, but Finland is now officially having the coldest early summer in the last 70 years. And temperatures actually did dip below the 0 C during the last Sunday night. No snow yet, though. Hope you are a bit warmer over there.

Anonymous said...

Snowed Saturday night/Sunday am in an unamed western state with a very low population. Was 34 deg F when I got up.

Good point Rawles made. About the TV.

perlhaqr said...

If only we could just get all the politicians to just leave things the fuck alone.


So, ok, it really was better back in '92? I was thinking that myself not all that long ago, but, well, I was only 16 in '92 as opposed to my 32 of now, and so I was wondering if it was simply observation bias. Or, perhaps, "crappy observation" of the state of the world by my 16 year old self.


Joanna said...

In 1992, I was, um, nine. Years old. I picked the wrong week to reread "Brave New World" ...

Anonymous said...

Meh, I was on my way to Doraville in '92 after getting a new job with a defense subcontractor called 'LIDS'.
Incidentally it was also when I started collecting guns and shooting at the local ranges around the area and ran into Eastman's Gun Shows. I really wish I had bought more of what I saw then but whatever.
As I recall the economy was doing fairly well, but then again I had a job. Then Billybob Clinton got elected and things got downright innerestin'.


Stranger said...

Hmm - not much difference in the unemployment rate between 1992 et 2009. But the unemployment rate for women was higher than it was for men, and most of those who were working worked a 40 hour week.

Today, men are around 20% more likely to be idle, and the work week is sub 32 hrs.

I 'spec in just about 11 months that slogan from '92 will be resurrected. "It's the economy, stupid." But for the Repulicrats instead of the Demopublicans.


jed said...

Well, one thing the movie got right was the types of vehicles used by the cops.

In 1992 (and a few years prior), I was occasionally flying out to Nevada on business, sometimes carrying all manner of equipment onto commercial planes. I recall once I carried a large tool kit on -- it included a razor knife and a hacksaw, and I always had both a SAK and Leatherman with me. Probably, some of the people I was working with had rock hammers in their carry-ons. Really, some of those guys were serious about their tools, and wouldn't trust 'em to checked baggage.