Sunday, June 21, 2009


I was going to say something about this, but for once, I find myself at a complete loss for words.


B.S. philosopher said...

All I can do is give silent thanks for the wisdom of the founding fathers in adding the Second Amendment.

And perhaps another prayer that things will never get so bad here that we have to use it.

Mark said...

Heartbreaking. That word doesn't do it justice... it's all I can put in text, though.

Keith said...

Damn. How about a lend lease agreement? I'd say it's time.

Kristopher said...

This is why we have a second amendment.

Democide happens.

Anonymous said...

I've got a lot of words, but none are appropriate seeing the look on that poor girl's face as she died. That's one video that will haunt me forever.

Sic semper tyrannis

Mark said...

I think I've found some words.

Die, you tyrranous, girl-killing motherfuckers. Die in a fucking fire. Die screaming. And die all over, you soul-rotten, control-freak sick, sick fucks. Die a million times in screaming agony for every soul you've crushed, every voice you've silenced, every life you've snuffed without ever even thinking twice.

Just die already, and stop the slaughter that is your cheyne-stokes breathing as you gasp your last on your hateful god of your desert.

Just DIE.

Anonymous said...

If you've ever thought to yourself that the 2nd amendment isn't really that important, think again. Our forefathers put into effect a constitution and bill of rights just to keep this kind of thing from happening. It should serve as a wake up call to all those who have become complacent with the destruction of our own constitution and bill of rights. You let it get destroyed, you'll be on You Tube dying just like this girl did. God save her soul.

Kristopher said...

This link will help you feel a bit better.

Too late for her, of course.

It takes awhile for it to get going ... to the point where the crowd and the police start chucking bricks at each other.

When 3% of ordinary folks are ready to go to the wall and risk death, the state will fall. Hopefully they will make it past that tipping point ... the a-holes that ordered this need to hang from lamp-posts.

Anonymous said...

A new Lincoln Brigade?

But, mebbe one composed of 2A realists and idealists?

Then the Kennedys, the Joyce Foundation, HSUS, and all the other peace-loving, humane and humanity oriented orgs and leadership would pony up, to proudly support American Volunteer Freedom Fighters.

My words are not even the smallest particle of the sorrow of this woman's death, yet that while freedom is being sought & paid for in blood, the most freedom loving country on earth is sitting on it's hands.


John -- the Red

perlhaqr said...

John: I'm not sure we can help. We're not popular over there. Anyone we help is going to be tainted by association with us. Their legitimacy will be shot.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the reality check.

I should know better, but we, the US, should be known as the foremost [and feared]opponent of injustice and oppression all over the world. We SHOULD be the beacon of Hope and Liberty, that we actually once believed we were.

However, it's 'the real world' and now we're just hoping not to be losers in the Imported Drug War, let alone 'set things right' for other folks.

Ironic, ain't it, that the Brits once had an Imperial Military Exercise with China, for the rights to control opium trade?

Makes me wonder who is bidding on us?

and behold the Blazing Ouija board of 'verification': unship

John -- the greasy and wrenched out, for today.

Mark said...


Feel what you're saying, mate, but Perl's got the right of it.

I apologise for shooting off at the keyboard last night, but I have to own the sentiment. I despise things that ruin people the way these regimes do.

perlhaqr said...

Mark, John: I agree with you. I wish there was something we could do to help. But hell if I know what that might be.

I don't want to just "do something" because it makes me feel better, that's a leftist schtick. I want to make sure what I'm doing is actually helping, y'know?

We absolutely should be known as the foremost opponent of injustice and oppression. But sadly, the history of US intervention is not nearly that clean. For better or for worse, the US military, or US military advisors courtesy of the CIA, have been used to either support or generate governments in second and third world countries which were far more beneficial to US business interests than they were to the local citizenry.

We've been our own worst enemy in places like Iran, Iraq, and South America. We tell people we're supporting "free market capitalism", when what we're really supporting is mercantilism, and when the people in those places see it, they think "I don't want anything to do with this". That's how asshats like Chavez and Guevara get the support they do.

So now, after 75 years of that, we've got a real image problem when it comes time to actually doing good. Anyone we help is going to be accused of being our puppet, and that's not a good thing in many parts of the world.

Mark said...

Oh perl, do knock off the "left" and "right" of it. It was the "right" who reduced Iraq to the mess it's in. "Left and Right" are luxuries afforded only to those who already have enough freedom to piss a measure of it up a rope.

*pinches bridge of nose*

America Became Righteous with the second world war. Sometimes, I worry that people are just seeking those times.

But I see shit like this, and a large chunk of me says "Fuck the PR, these people need guns and ammo, stat".

But it wouldn't help. I wish I could help - I wish I could beseech a gh0d that I could help - but I can't.

Watching something you love struggle, hurt and bleed in the course of coming alive is the worst pain I've felt yet. And even now, it's more than likely to die a-borning.

All I can do is wish the freedom-seeking folk luck. And I do.

daddyquatro said...

Thank you, Tam.

Her name was Neda.

Tam said...

"Oh perl, do knock off the "left" and "right" of it. It was the "right" who reduced Iraq to the mess it's in. "Left and Right" are luxuries afforded only to those who already have enough freedom to piss a measure of it up a rope."

Tens of millions of dead Nedas in Canton and the Ukraine would beg to fucking differ.

Mark said...

That's about as far the wrong end of the stick as you could possibly find, Tam. Not what I meant at all, but it's not the venue for what I did mean anyway.

perlhaqr said...

Enh, you're right, Mark.

I was thinking (at the time) of people on the Left who were buying child slaves in the Middle East, to save them from a life of sexual abuse and to set them free. Sounds noble, right?

Only, what they were actually doing was increasing demand for child slaves. Which ended up giving an overall bump to the entire child slave trafficking trade.

When this was pointed out to them, the response was "Yeah, but it makes us feel good to do something." Completely ignoring the fact that what they were doing was, in fact, making things actively worse.

And I had utterly forgotten, apparently, every conversation I've ever had with people on the Right about the War on Some Drugs. In which I point out that hey, it's completely unconstitutional, and by the way, it's actually making things worse. And the usual response is, "But drugs are icky, and it makes me feel good to do something about the problem."


I feel my point about wanting to make sure I'm doing something good, instead of simply doing something, stands.

WV: "oratis" Um, yes, apparently. :D

perlhaqr said...

Actually, I've got something.

Set up a web proxy, or donate money to someone who has. Fund open source encryption projects. What these people need is an alternate channel of data. Something beyond what they're going to get through their (quite literally) state controlled media outlets.

I'm not sure how the hell you'd do it, but mailing them a carton of posters like the ones talked about in the article would be good.

Post stories about this young woman on your blog. The American Government can't help, but I wonder if shows of support from individual Americans would have the same illegitimacy effect.

"Irrespective of what you think of our government, people of Iran, Americans are people too, and it hurts us to see your children slaughtered."

Mark said...

To save any further thing, I was trying to say that party politics of the variety we're used calling left/right is something you get to do when the corpses stop dropping. I didn't say it well, and I shouldn't have said it here, but ... well we all screw up sometimes.