Monday, June 15, 2009

Great new thrill rides!

The screamalicious Bad Debt Loop-the-Loop! The terrifying Revenue Plunge! The laugh-a-minute Red Ink River Log Flume! The spooky Ghost of Responsibility Haunted House!

It's all part of the plan for Six Flags to offer more relevant excitement as part of their bankruptcy filing.


Anonymous said...

Several years ago I was in Louisville, KY with my family. My son (8 or 9 at the time) saw an ad for the local 6F and begged to go.

God, that place was a dump. Grassy areas hadn't been mowed for weeks, buildings all had peeling paint, 2/3 of the food outlets were not open. The whole place had a creepy atmosphere. The lines were short; I guess the locals knew to stay away.

I guess the question is how they avoided bankruptcy so long.


Ken said...

Six Flags laid holt of Sea World of Ohio, along with what was a pretty respectable regional amusement park (Geauga Lake, occupying a niche in the shadow of the far superior but also more expensive Cedar Point), and killed 'em both D-A-I-D dead. Cedar Faire (owner of Cedar Point) ended up buying Geauga Lake but couldn't save it -- I think only the waterpark portion is left now, and the coaster junkies are still fuming about the fate of the Big Dipper. Can't say as I blame 'em.