Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It means "Someone I Think Is Icky."

Right Wing” is rapidly replacing “Neocon” (which replaced “Reactionary” which replaced “Fascist”) as the favorite vague pejorative of hippies. Make the appropriate notations in your Berlitz.


OA said...

Oh, "Fascist" is still thrown around a lot by the left. Amusing, given that fascism is actually an extreme left** ideology, rather than extreme right. Of course, finding that out would actually require one to read Mussolini's 'Manifesto of the Fascist Struggle', and that would cut into tv time...not to mention expose the left for what they are.

**And how exactly did the left convince people they'd never do any physical harm to anyone, when one can find things easily enough like pictures of Hillary Clinton hero and noted eugenicist Margaret Sanger hanging out with the KKK? Oh, right, the press...

Anonymous said...

"Right wing"=>sitting at the king's right, pro-government.

Would this not describe the Media?

Shootin' Buddy

princewally said...

It's a shame neocons aren't-and never have been-right wing.

nbc said...

In the UK we could add "conservative" to the list. It is used by the BBC when reporting on the Saudi regime or that Iranian buffoon.

Anonymous said...

It is time to review the basics:

The Logic and Rhetoric of Exposition :

by Harold Martin

Logic and contemporary rhetoric : the use of reason in everyday life
By Howard Kahane, Nancy Cavender

the wonders of a "Liberal Arts degree"


Joanna said...

Mom: "Eat your broccoli."

Kid: "Right-wing facist!"

Yeah, that about sums it up.

Old NFO said...

HOWINHELL did a hippy become right wing? Did I miss something?

Tam said...

"HOWINHELL did a hippy become right wing?"

I said "pejorative OF", not "pejorative FOR".

Anonymous said...

Fascism: not just a right wing disease, anymore. Come to think of it, fascism generally has been allied with some sorta 'state runs it all, or we'll kill you' mentality, anyway.

Conservatives are now apparently those folks who would resist being forcibly inducted into the Army of the Greater Good for All.

Did I miss anything there?

John - the Red.

Thinking Bakunin didn't get the half of it. He should be alive today. In fact: "Bakunin Lives!"

There: take y'r silly Che t-shirts and use 'em for a grease mop, Lefty wusses.

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