Monday, June 29, 2009

Massacre in Smallville.

In gun-free Chicago, six people were shot dead in the space of 24 hours.

Meanwhile, in Lafayette, Indiana, the perpetrator of the Great Massacree of 2008 was finally brought to justice.

Also in Lafayette, two people carrying loaded pistols ate lunch this weekend in a place that served alcoholic beverages. Then they paid their bill and left. Nothing much exciting happened, other than the fact that the restaurant ran low on stuffed mushrooms.


Bob S. said...

The numbers are worse if you look at the number of people shot.

From the blog Second City Cop

off topic but relating to the previous topic of "108 shot" the number is actually higher. if you look in data warehouse, clear, chris and in the web mapping features and combine all of that info you will find that the acutal victims of agg batt with a handgun is 132 from 19 jun 09 to 26 jun 09. the number of 108 is somewhat correct only because there were 108 incidents. some of these incidents had multiple gunshot victims which makes the exact number of gunshot victims 132. this does not include stabbings, but during that period there were no stabbing related homicides.. or at least none yet ruled homicides that were involving a knife. one of the homicides did involve a vehicle ramming and not gunfire. from what i am seeing it is a fairly bloody weekend. when monday or tuesday rolls around I will try to post the numbers for the weekend. for now, thats all I got. pretty violent... but still not as bad as the 90s as im sure many of you can still remember.

I want to know who is able to throw a bullet fast enough for it to mimic a gun shot...because as you say --Chicago is gun free.

staghounds said...

" they pulled out their pistols and brandished them at the staff until their wishes were complied with."

Because that's how it works, right? Sarak Brady says so!

Rob K said...

Funny how that works. I happen to know that an armed man entered an Egyptian cafe on Indianapolis' west side with his wife Saturday night and proceeded to not shoot the mostly absent and inattentive waitress. Afterward the couple proceeded to a neighboring Asian market, where no gun was displayed, no shots were fired, and no one was injured. Acts of capitalism were committed, though.