Monday, June 08, 2009

The new Obama Administration show:

Dancing With The Czars!

That's pretty funny right there.


Anonymous said...

Well, hey!! I'm in. Sweet Mystery of Life, I've finally Found You.

as it is now written upon the People's Page:
By John - the Red
6/8/2009, 10:34 am

This is, indeed, the Promised Paradise.

Now, if only I can hook up with cute little SDS chic...URK!!!

Sorry.Sorry.Sorry...old programing being deleted....


Hello Komrades. This is GOOD and we shall be PROGRESSIVE. The world is fresh and saved for the People's Ennoblement. Lead me to the Neva Canal, and I shall WORK for the Glory of the Common good.

PS: The Hollywood Writer's Intellectual Movement tells me what Reality, in which I should believe. Soon, we will have EVERYTHING!!!!!

Jeffro said...

But can the Czars dance "The Goose Step?"

wv: bleste - isn't that someplace in Germany we bombed to oblivion in WWII?

Mattexian said...

I admit it, I was the crazy bastid pointing to your post about needing a Czar Czar to keep track of all the other Czars, being appointed left and further left ('cause it ain't right!) Would that be an inverse Tam-alanche?

WV: dingnato- isn't that what the Warsaw Pact tried to do?