Sunday, June 14, 2009

His insurance guy stopped returning his calls, too...

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declined Sunday to guarantee the safety of his defeated rival Mir Hossein Moussavi in response to a question from CNN Chief International Correspondent Christiane Amanpour.
Translation: He's toast.


Home on the Range said...

Wonder how long all the ACORN people will have to leave Iran.

Anonymous said...

Run it by me again why someone hasn't done humanity a favour and whacked this asshole?


Carteach said...

Wasn't there something in a book once about 'striking a Duke'?

Ed Foster said...

When even asshat B.O. (or hopefully his successor) has had enough, may I respectfully suggest several stealthed up cruise missles with neutron warheads?

Purt' near zero collateral damage, and I suspect the Irani people could take care of what was left if all the big boys in Qom, Tehran, and the local Pasdaran H.Q.'s became germ free floor mats.

My favorite Russian proverb, "When you want to kill a bear, you don't cut off it's tail".

And it's all justified if Iran goes nuclear, something that could happen any month now.

Concerning the comment about B.O.'s successor, I heard a neat story from a really good source. Said souce is a Lt.Commander in submarines, in the security/intel end of the business.

A typical Virginia Good Ol' Boy I know from black powder shooting, who always had a good yarn that, while interesting, never quite stepped over the line and blew anything classified.

It seems certain individuals in D.C., not of the ruling party, have more than enough solid evidence to impeach B.O., but won't use it unless things get bad almost to the point of civil war.

Rather, it, perhaps along with the "downlow" and crack stories, provides them with a lever, a subtle bit of blackmail to steer our boy away from some of the worst excesses he might otherwise commit. Kind of explains his acquiescence on "Don't ask, Don't tell" and other things needful to the military virtually all his party hates.

Anyway, Chuckie's own informed supposition, nothing more or less, is that Obama's vulnerability has a time limit.

Newt Gingrich was in the same kind of bind as House Speaker when he was being blackmailed by the left over his extra-marital affairs, and was eventually forced out of office by his own party's willingness to see him "outed" rather than have their policies compromised by their enemies.

Obama's willingness to compromise core liberal principles will eventually cost the Democrats votes.

Biden, on the otherhand, is a near moron, totally manipulable by, if not owned outright, by the hard core left. For reference, he voted consistently to the left of both Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy.

The unimpeachable (bad pun) proof delivered to the media may come from a Democratic source rather than a Republican one, probably during winter to reduce riots in the inner cities. Byzantine, isn;t it?

M. Derosier said...

Well, at least this points out one good thing about American politics: We generally don't kill politicians with opposing views that we've defeated in elections.

Bram said...

So what? It's not like Iran is a democracy. Some Ayatolla controls everything - the President is just a front-man.

Cybrludite said...

Ironically, Moussavi may create more true western style reform as a martyr than as a politician. What I can find on the intertubes show him as "our sort" only in comparison to Ahmadinnerjacket. If Moussavi's assassination results in angry mob ripping Mamood and the Mullahs apart with their bare hands, I'd call it a win. The smarter play for the Iranian .gov would have been to let Moussavi get in, prove to be just another Iranian politician, and thus dissillusion the reform movement.

NotClauswitz said...

In a single-party system internecine warfare is the rule since there is only one path to success, and in order to fill the gears in the Machine there will always be a standing cog in the way. In the Machine, mechanical failure is rewarded by elimination.
Look what happened to John Edwards when he failed - suddenly he's found to have a mistress and an illegitimate child? This is the role the Media enjoys today - what's the opposite of exculpatory?
Blame, condemn, sentence.

Kristopher said...

Bram: It's looking like Mr Dinner-jacket attempted a coup, and this started as a counter coup by the Mullahs.

It then got taken up by an entire generation that was still angry about the stolen elections a decade ago.

Not sure where this one is going to end up ... the citizens wearing the green armbands want to see both sides hang.