Sunday, June 21, 2009


Rosy-cheeked Aurora, goddess of the dawn and bringer of the flannel tongue, is here and I have got to get all my stuff stacked at the front door before Shootin' Buddy shows up to head to the range.

I guess I'll be dirtying the freshly-scrubbed K-22. Mebbe something else, too. Although they're copacetic with rimfire rifles on the indoor range, it's generally too much of a pain in the keister to maneuver even the little Papoose safely in the cramped, crowded confines of Popguns on a weekend. Hopefully I'll get a chance to go later in the week; roomie bought me a membership for my birthday back in January, and I should be making better use of it.

...and then to the Blogmeet this afternoon!

In the meantime, here's old video footage Caleb shot of a GSG-5 in action at Marion County Fish & Game.


Carteach said...


If you were turned loose on my clubs range, you'd think you were in heaven. Only thing better would be free ammo and steaks.

og said...

Can you direct me to a post or a list that detaisl what makes a Combat Masterpiece? I have just shot a five screw smith wiht adjustable rear sights, a tapered barrel, and the nicest trigger I've felt in ages. I very nearly confiscated it.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Tam,

This is unrelated, but I heard you were on the look out for a MKII grip, I think I may have found one. I'm sure you've seen it but I'll send it along anyway.


oscarvine at Gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Liked the GSG 5 video. My shooting buddy and I have 3 of them and they are just fun to blast with. They handle surprisingly well and I found them to be quite reliable.