Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Training class.

Rob Pincus of ICE Training is going to be teaching a 2-day Combat Focus Shooting course at Coal Creek Armory this July.

If you're going to spend money on a pistol, shouldn't you spend a little on learning how to use it?


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

wow. I was just working on a rob pincus blog post last night, too. Get out of my brain, Tam.

Anonymous said...

As you've commented before, there's more to "being prepared" than just having the latest and greatest uberpistole, superholster and gin-yoooo-wine knock-'em-dead-with-one-shot ammo:

1. Know how to use it

2. Know WHEN to use it

3. Be ready to use it at any time, in any weather, wearing any clothes

4. And would it kill ya to also try to keep yourself in some modest level of physical fitness so that you COULD run away from a fight and not die of a heart attack before traveling twenty-five yards?

Carteach said...

It sounds like a course I'd LOVE to have!

But... $450 + 1500 rounds + room and board at a hotel... on a poor teachers salary... not going to happen. I'll just keep plodding along with the rest of the poor shlubs.

Unknown said...

Go to a course to learn how to "use" my pistol. Hmmmmmm, let's see. I shoot bullseye pistol league all winter. Since I have tendonitis in my right arm on occassion, I shoot with my left when the right hurts--and do allright with my "weak" hand. I hunt with my pistols. I go to the range and shoot my pistols, out to distances of 200 yards. With that being said, why would I need to go pay someone to play commando? I think I already know HOW to use my pistols. If many of you would actually try to shoot at targets more than 5 yards away, you could "learn" how to use yours too. My two cents. Thank you very much.

Tam said...

"I think I already know HOW to use my pistols."

Well, good! This post obviously wasn't directed at you then. :)

Why did you feel compelled to respond?

Carteach said...

Here is where I wrote a long comment on defensive pistol training vs. other forms of shooting.... but I surmise it would have been wasted effort, so I circle filed it.

Maybe I'll write a post on it... for the new shooters who don't understand the difference.

Meanwhile, I'm going to go load my new stock car on the trailer for this weekends race. How hard can it be to race with the big dogs? After all, I've been a licensed driver longer than most of them have been alive. Same thing.

Tam said...

I wasn't going to go there, Carteach0. ;)

staghounds said...

Which brings up the point that we spend a lot more time driving than we do shooting, and we're far more likely to have to drive for our lives than shoot for them, even in the Marine Corps.

I'm going to take a driving course!