Friday, June 26, 2009

Things I just don't get...

If you were Colt, and you were getting Umarex to build you an M4-looking .22 that you knew people were going to want to use as a trainer, why would you let them put a 180* safety on it rather than a 90* one like a real carbine? If you are used to the manual of arms on an AR-type weapon, you have to put this thing into what your thumb says is the Group Therapy setting just to get it to run.

On the other hand, rumor has it that the new S&W deuce-deuce AR trainer actually uses the same trigger group parts as the centerfire rifle, even though the rimfire upper won't pin to a standard centerfire lower.


Jay G said...


Just as an aside, the alt keystroke combination of {alt} 167 produces the degree (ยบ) symbol.

Helpful hints you can use, that's what we're all about! :)

Weer'd Beard said...

Jay I think Tam might be having the same problem as me. Reading this from my work computer that happens to be a Mac, no "alt" key.

The Colt trainer just seems REALLY dumb, the S&W idea makes more sense....until they understand that they'll likely loose more money to people selling after-market .22 uppers then they'll gain with people buying whole .22 ARs

Maybe I'm wrong. I wish Smith the best of luck...Colt hasn't given a shit about Civvies for years, so the feeling is mutual.

Tam said...


Smith seems to have the right idea: Price your .22 AR close enough to an upper, and people will buy the whole gun out of convenience.

I'm hearing street prices under six; compared to ~four bills for an upper? I'll spend a bit more and get the whole gun.

Anonymous said...

I paid $550 for a Bushmaster Carbon 15 .22lr a few years ago.

It IS a real AR-15 in .22 lr. I have the upper on another lower and a fixed carry handle upper on the Carbon 15 lower. Makes for a nice, light weight 20" AR-15.

Weer'd Beard said...

Thanks Tam, never looked at the prices.

The Freeholder said...

Thank you so-o-o much. Now I ahve another gun I want.

freddyboomboom said...

Tam and Weer'd... The "alt" key the philistenes talk about is usually the "option" key on Macs, and some even have a little "alt" in the upper left corner.

The degree symbol can be made on Macs by holding down the option key and typing k. Like this: ˚

Just trying to be helpful.

On topic, since I no longer have an AR, why would I want a .22 LR version of an AR?

Tam said...

"On topic, since I no longer have an AR, why would I want a .22 LR version of an AR?"

Maybe you wouldn't.

But if you did get one of the Umarex ones, you wouldn't have to worry about it messing up your handling habits. :D

T.Stahl said...

I file that in the same folder as HK's 'In a world of magazine compatability some don't.'

I once met someone who carried an HK P8 at work and privately owned a USP9f. A f-up waiting to happen. On the P8 you push the safety up to fire, on the regular USP you push it down.

Drang said...

"Group therapy"--I like it.

As for why they use a selector switch that doesn't work like the standard semi-only version, inattention to detail seems like the most likely explanation.

Anonymous said...

Pretty big detail to miss, I think. Oh well, barring a government regulation on the subject, people will buy them or as I suspect, not.


Wolfwood said...

I dunno...I see the similar price points as a disadvantage. To me, I look and am like "Well, for $600 I can get a .22, or for less than $750, I can get a whole rifle that can take normal uppers."

I guess it depends on where your tipping point is.

Clint said...

Let me get this right, you would rather buy a bare bones AR for $750 and THEN spend ANOTHER ~$500 on a 22lr upper than to just buy the 22lr gun for ~$600?

Must be that new math... :)

I rather just buy the whole gun. For the extra $100 or so, I don't have to waste range time swapping parts around. Especially since that time is priced per hour.

buzz_knox said...


I take it you did not buy the one from CCA? I'm shocked, shocked I tell you. ;)