Friday, August 21, 2009

Meanwhile, in Oklahoma...

Who do the firefighters call when their station catches fire?

At least they didn't have to drive far to get to the scene of the blaze, and there wasn't much chance of getting lost en route.

Just for future reference, here's Sparky the Fire Dog's kitchen safety tips page.


Anonymous said...

Oh Hell, small fires happen in Fire Station kitchens occasionally. Mostly, you never hear about it. Most of the stations are laid out with this in mind, and the only damage is to pride. And afterward, they remember to turn stuff OFF when answering a call.

Then there was the fire station in Maryland. Engine in a fire truck was overheating, and there were electrical problems. They couldn't get the truck out of the bay fast enough, and had to call not one, but two other fire stations for help. Yup, that made the newspaper.

Ambulance Driver said...

My old ambulance station burned down. It was housed in a wing of the local volunteer fire station.

New HVAC and old wiring make a bad combination. Especially bad considering that the town let the insurance lapse 11 days prior.

That little oversight cost them a $150k pumper, and two new rescue trucks at $50k each, not to mention my Ruger Red Label 20 gauge and an antique four-poster bed one of my patients left me in her will.

El Jefe said...

Obviously someone forgot to unwrap the toaster before making pop=tarts.

Firehand said...

I flashed to that scene in Roxanne with Steve Martin: "OUT, DAMMIT, we're supposed to put them OUT!"