Thursday, August 06, 2009

Overheard on the phone...


Me: "Hello?"

RX: "Did you call?"

Me: "No"

RX: "Well, my cell phone just rang and rang..."

Me: "Maybe it was the cats. They've been awful quiet."

RX: "Hey, do you have a rage-filled blog?"

Me: "Rage-filled? I wouldn't call it rage-filled. I can probably fit some more rage in there. Should I?"

RX: "No, you do not want a rage-filled blog."

I take it this has something to do with yesterday.


Buck said...

Looked back at yesterdays blog, found only sunshine and rainbows.

theirritablearchitect said...

RobertaX is confusing your blog with mine, I think.

Spittle flinging, invective and bile.

It's all quite theraputic.

theirritablearchitect said...

therapeutic, that is.

Old Grouch said...

And here I'd thought "rage-filled blogs" were all the rage nowadays...

Anonymous said...

"There's always room for Jello."

B Woodman

Tremaine said...

People often mistake snark for rage.

I don't understand it myself.

mts1 said...

This place has as much rage as the Dennis Miller Show, or a chapter from any P.J. O'Rourke book. In other words, it's more like a mom shaking her head at the latest stupidity her dunce kid got into that anger at him.

B-b-b-b-ut the press says we're all like the guy in Falling Down, when it's the left that's losing its composure, as per usual. Remember the loony left band Rage Against the Machine wasn't called Snark and go Tsk Tsk Tsk Against the Machine, after all.

Joanna said...

"Snark and go Tsk Tsk Tsk Against the Machine"

That actually sounds like a band I would listen to.

Anonymous said...

Completely Off Topic but I thought Tam might get a laugh from:

Home on the Range said...

I did see that look in your eye when I managed to break RX's wine opener, IN the bottle on the day they don't sell wine, and we had to attack the bottle with pliers (I told you. . C4). But Rage? No.

Barkley probably called. He's not texting yet, but something has to explain my higher than normal phone bill.

TBeck said...

Mildly irritated perhaps but I wouldn't call it rage-filled. You generally keep your spleen to yourself.

Tam said...

"You generally keep your spleen to yourself."

I try to. Losing one's spleen can hurt. :o

Will Brown said...

"You generally keep your spleen to yourself."

I try to. Losing one's spleen can hurt. :o


Not to mention the mark you leave after hitting someone with one of those.

Besides, you's got the time to wait around while she digs it out of the holster?


Word Verification: annis

[Shakes head]

I don't care how well armed I might be, I'm just not going there.

Will Brown said...

Open question; did I just mis-spell "youse" or "who's"? It works either way I suppose.

Word Verification Bingo: repel

Tam, is your site going all Freudian?

Matt G said...

TBeck said:
"You generally keep your spleen to yourself."

I've been carefully (infrequently and irregularly) checking a sampling of single mothers for spleen vents, for year.

No luck, yet.