Thursday, August 06, 2009

Do Want.

Simply Rugged holsters makes a nice-looking belt holster for the Colt Pocket Hammerless. (Holster #27.) And they're having a "Buy One Get One Free!" sale.

But payday isn't for another two weeks. Le sigh.


loneviking said...

I have three of Robs' fine holsters and highly recommend 'em. They are the only holsters I use when I'm hiking/hunting/fishing as the gun stays put! Very well crafted holsters that you will get a lifetime of use out of.

Avenger29 said...

I just purchased a Simply Rugged holster last week for my Ruger security six.

Good product.

Anonymous said...

I took a coule of shooting classes from Rob many years ago in Troy, Idaho. He was one of the founding members, IIRC, of the Palouse Practial Shooters. I'm wearing one of his mag holsters right now. Nice piece too. -- Lyle