Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Just not getting it.

I don't much need to know anything about duck calls, skeet guns, bird dog training collars, or who's making a new rifle rack for Yamaha ATV's, so I don't often read The Outdoor Wire.

Apparently, some "Jim" guy over there had his staff send him an internets through the series of tubes stating that the "blogosphere" was spreading nasty false rumors about the imminent demise of Daniel Defense.

This came as something of a surprise to people who were actually, you know, in the blogosphere and who hadn't read anything of the sort, specifically Bitter, who hit the ceiling. The "Jim" guy apologized, sorta, explaining that "blogosphere" is shorthand for "internet" in Jimspeak and what he meant to say was "email".

This makes sense. I mean, email is kind of like the blogosphere in much the same way that the U.S. Mail is like The American Spectator. After all, they're both full of words printed on paper, right?


George said...

Tam immediately moves to the Number One position on the Top 40 ... Internet Snark List.

Good on ya, Tam.

GeorgeH said...

Gotta keep up with dog training collar tech. They're great for toddlers.

Joanna said...

I mean, email is kind of like the blogosphere in much the same way that the U.S. Mail is like The American Spectator. After all, they're both full of words printed on paper, right? I lol'd.

It's like when I told my godmother about a blog she might be interested in, and she got this terrified look and said "she didn't know anything about blogs." She can use the Internet if you show her where to click, she's just absolutely terrified of her computer.

Anonymous said...

The "Jim" guy apologized, sorta, explaining that "blogosphere" is shorthand for "internet" in Jimspeak and what he meant to say was "email".

He also happened to mention that he intended no criticism of "individuals who I really do regard as integral parts of information distribution" and that being called out on his error "actually makes me feel better about accuracy in new media".

'course that doesn't fit the narrative, so the snark value is higher if it's just ignored...never mind the fact that Jim Shepherd has proven himself to be a valuable ally and supporter of the gun blogosphere in the past.

He made a mistake and didn't properly grovel in obeisance afterword...CRUCIFY HIM!

Tam said...

Dude, hello? Snark? At VFTP? It's what we do.

Personally, I couldn't care much one way or another, and was kind of amused by the vehemence of Bitter's reaction (which was understandable, though, when viewed in the light of how much sweat equity she has in pimping the blogosphere to this seriously intarw3bz-challenged industry.)

No crucifixions here, but I couldn't resist a poke at the almost Ted Stevens-like text in his response.

atlharp said...

I once put a stamp on email and it no go nowhere why is that? me think s that interwebz makes some peeples smarter than me and you sorry guns stuff is fun but make it my brane hurt ow

Anonymous said...

People still snail-mail us for catalogs. Up until about a year ago, we'd then print off our web site and snail-mail it to them. I don't know the bit rate on that, but I'm pretty sure the slowest dial-up is several orders of magnitude faster.

With all the TV ads about spyware and viruses, it's hard to blame. People are genuinely scared. No one is actually advertizing the benefits of internet service, that I can see. "Taking the other guy’s pie verses growing the pie" is how we see it. The non-users just sit on the sidelines, glad they're not getting infected with spyware. -- Lyle

NotClauswitz said...

Does he read rec.guns on Usenet? There's a brave lad.

Bitter said...

I don't mind the snark at all, but I do have to ask about what "vehemence" I had on display and any evidence that I "hit the ceiling"? I was legitimately confused and trying to find a blog source.

I actually presumed going into the research that there was some other corner of the blogosphere spreading these things until I tried multiple engines that turned up nothing.

At no time was a ceiling hit, smacked, or even nudged in the writing of the post. I fear you read far too much into it.

Don said...

The Drama Llama is back on the beat.
Bitter, seriously, we're on your side here. Relax.

James family outpost, Iowa. said...

Whoa, whoa, hold on there. "I don't much need to know anything about duck calls, (fair enough) skeet guns..." Um, pardon me, Ms. Slick, (raise my hand) if you have not enjoyed pulverizing clay pigeons with your favorite scattergun, you have been denying yourself one of the finer pleasures of the shooting sports. True, though not as impressive as the pyrotechnic reactive targets at Le Boomershoot, seeing the mini-frisbee go "poof" is a literal blast. I respectfully suggest that you treat yourself to a few rounds of trap shooting, and if you are enjoying yourself, you may wish to move on to skeet or sporting clays. No actual hunting required.

Caleb said...

Lawdy, the only thing more boring than NRA high-power matches is any sort of skeet/trap/clay bird shooting. "wee, watch the little clay disk fly through the air."

Now, before anyone gets butthurt, I'm not saying that these shooters are not in possession of wicked skill and mad talent, it's just about as much fun as watching paint dry.

Of course, the same criticism could and should be leveled against NRA Action Pistol, where NRA someone managed to take a game called Action Pistol and ensure that it has very little action.

(I still love you, NRA guys.)

straightarrow said...

sorry Tam, I can't get all upset over Jim's faux pas. He owned his mistake, corrected it and took responsibility for his inexactitude. And unlike Zumbo, he did as soon as he was made aware of his error.

He didn't do it to salvage a livelihood, but to get it right.

I can't get too upset with that.

Tam said...

Do I look upset?

Chris said...

AmSpec == snark? Who'd a thunk it...

Word Check = ungnions ... WTF!?!

James family outpost, Iowa. said...

Yeah, three day old post but I gotta defend skeet/trap/sporty clays (my integrity). Love Caleb's blog, love Tam's uh, everything, I guess they think exploding orange mini-frisbees are boring, but some of us think bowling pins falling off a table is rather tame as well... static target vs. moving target, take yer pick, I was just wonderin if Ms. Slick ever tried it.

Tam said...

Hey, I don't have any problem with it. It's just never gotten me all excited; I'm just not much of a shotgun person.

I know some people who get all spun up over Cowboy Action Shooting or NRA High Power, and both are about as exciting to me as watching paint dry, but it's a free country. :)

(On the other hand, the clay-busting sports are maybe the only shooting game that I have no interest in playing, but that I love to watch. Go figure.)