Monday, August 31, 2009

Born to Run.

When a half-hour, two-county chase initiated by Greenfield, IN police on Saturday ended by deploying the stop sticks, officers rushing up to the fugitive vehicle got a surprise: The vehicle hadn't been swerving all over the road at 80mph because the driver was too 'faced to drive; it had been swerving all over the road because the operator couldn't see over the dashboard and hadn't ever driven anything but a video game before.

He was nine years old and peeved about his 8PM curfew, so he stole his mom's cell phone, a dollar "for clothes", and the keys to the family bus and ran away from home and into the next season of America's Scariest Police Chases.


Home on the Range said...

Sounds like my week.

I got in enough trouble for taking the TV set apart when I was 12.

doubletrouble said...

Look at you all blogging in the late nighttime hours!

See you at 0730 I hope...


Anonymous said...

Kids these day, who remebers the two young boys who "borrowed" a VERY large bulldozer and wreaked massive havoc on a 1/2 completed subdivision. (I believ the developers quite was, "might as well start over".)

Amazing what motivated 9 year olds can accomplish with heavy equipemnt.

They were quoted as being really annoyed about their favouritye hunting grounds being destroyed by the subdivison.

Anonymous said...

"hadn't ever driven anything but a video game before" So in other words he had as much experience as most other perps that flee from justice?

Anonymous said...

"That's good work, boys."

Chief Wiggum, Chief of Police, Greenfield, Indiana

Shootin' Buddy

BobG said...

Was his last name Kennedy?

Anonymous said...

From anon: Amazing what motivated 9 year olds can accomplish with heavy equipemnt.

That needs to be on a shirt.


Billy Beck said...

Did this horrifying creature ever have parents?

Tam said...

I literally could not have contemplated such a thing as a child.

Further, had I somehow done it anyway, I would have begged the police to shoot me when caught.

'Cause, brother, I had parents!

Billy Beck said...

I actually scraped up the nerve to make off with my Dad's Mercury station wagon once -- you can believe that -- while he was away in Okinawa when I was sixteen years old.

That was way up there with the silliest things I've ever done in my whole life.

George said...

When I was 10, my best friend and I were fooling around in the cab of a road grader. (Construction was ongoing at the end of the street.) I don't know how ... but I think we pushed the wrong button ... or toggled the wrong switch.

Anyway, the damn thing started ... and you know we didn't know how to stop it.

It ran all night. (We bailed mighty quick, I tell you.) And was ... apparently ... still running when the work crew returned in the morning.

I laughed ... I tell ya ... once I stopped crapping my pants.

An honest-to-G-d, "No shit!" moment in my life.