Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Spuds McKenzie Party Animal ProTip:

When picking out a designated driver, always pick one that:
On the other hand, she'll be able to write an awesome "What I Did On My Summer Vacation" paper.


Anonymous said...

Take Your Daughter to Your Felony Day?

Shootin' Buddy

Crucis said...

Well, he can't be accused of drunk driving. Probably for endangering a child I would guess.

OTOH, when I was that age, I could drive Dad's pickup and the tractors as well.

Kristophr said...

He did not need a designated dumbass.

You can do that one drunk.

NattyBumpo said...

She was crying because she knows what a ticket will do to her insurance rates....

Also, he must be a GEICO person, only a Neanderthal would make their daughter drive them home. A cab is CHEAP by comparison to the bill he is about to get.

Jay G said...

I dunno. I think Borepatch's #2 son is going to have a helluva interesting "What I did on my summer vacation" paper... ;)

mts1 said...

Given the combination of options he had, this may have been the least dangerous, including passing out where you are, if where you are isn't such a secure place. My question is, how is it public intox if you're inside your vehicle? I've seen reports of people getting public intox in their own backyards, so this falls under "ignorance is no excuse for a law," too.

In the Good Old Days, if you made it almost home, like it sounded like this pair nearly did, then you'd get an escort, a stern warning to not do it again, and off you go. Now in today's sue-ocracy, if they pull you over, they are required to "do something" that involves paperwork, fingerprints, and possibly court. I mean, she wasn't on I-65, for Pete's sake. It sounds like they were somewhere nearby at a backyard party, he got blitzed, and she got the hey-you detail to drive them home.

In Grandpa's day, they had it best. Ride the wagon to the tavern, get blitzed, flop in the wagon blind drunk, and Donkey walks you home.

Anonymous said...

"My question is, how is it public intox if you're inside your vehicle?"

Depends on where your vehicle is.

Public is defined as public place or place of public resort. If your vehicle is on Eastwich Street in Lafayette, you are in public.

If you are intoxicated at Chumley's downtown Lafayette, you are in a place of public resort as it is open to the public.

Your own yard is likely a bad arrest. The only way your own yard could be considered public is if the police chased you into your own yard or you are inviting the public to come onto your property (maybe a garage sale or block party).

Public intox is the least of his worries right now.

Shootin' Buddy

Anonymous said...

Charges filed yesterday:


Shootin' Buddy