Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Who's the sad clown?

Robert Gibbs, the White House press secretary, said people are entitled to carry weapons outside such events if local laws allow it. "There are laws that govern firearms that are done state or locally," he said. "Those laws don't change when the president comes to your state or locality."

Somebody call the whaaambulance for Paul Helmke.

(H/T to Caleb.)


Andrew said...

Ed Donovan, a spokesman for the Secret Service, said incidents of firearms being carried outside presidential events are a "relatively new phenomenon." But he said the president's safety is not being jeopardized.

"We're well aware of the subjects that are showing up at these events with firearms," he said.

Sorry, Eddie boy. The word you are looking for is "citizen," not "subject." Given who your boss is, I can understand the Freudian slip.

Tam said...

"Subject" in this case is law-enforcement terminology, as in "the subject of the investigation".

Michael in CT said...

and there goes Paul Helmke under the bus.......
Ok, who had Paul Helmke in the "Who's next under the bus" office pool? Anybody? anybody? Bueller?

Unknown said...

Agent Donovan also stated in the same interview
that when the President is in sight, the location is
considered a "federal venue" and that local
carry laws are superceded.

alath said...

I'd say that is an amazingly level-headed response, given the source from within the Obama administration.

Andrew said...

Oh, I know that, Tam, but "subject" is just barely above "suspect," and a law-abiding citizen ain't either.

I'd like my Wookie suit in 36-30 pants, please.

Tam said...

"Oh, I know that, Tam, but "subject" is just barely above "suspect,"..."

I've got to disagree.

"Subject" has a VERY different meaning from "suspect".

Tam said...

(To clarify: AFAIK, "subject" in LE speak merely means "the person of whom we are speaking", ie "the subject of this conversation", and does not contain any of the negative overtones of "suspect" or even "person of interest".)

eeky said...

Please cease subjecting us to pedantry.

I suspect you'll not take umbrage at the request.

Tam said...

Objectively? No. Subjectively...?

cj said...

I think there's enough meat here to not pick on LE usage of 'subject'. Would you prefer 'Tango'? It's standard and does not imply superiority.

Now if the president starts calling people his 'subjects', that's a totally different meaning.

But as for the original DARE gun owners actually obey the law?

Rick R. said...

UM, cj, where I learned to make guns go really fast and blow things up, "TANGO" means "terrorist", with an implication of "target".

If teh Secret Service starts referring to anti-health care protestors like we've seen as "Tangos", then the aluminum beret brigade is correct. {grin}

Matthew Carberry said...

Since the Administration and anti-gun Congressional leaders are in agreement that state laws should determine carry legality, I suppose now is the time for Thune II.

Make Parks Carry (carry per state laws) the law for all Federal land, lobbies (Post Office anyone), offices and parking areas open to the public during the normal course of business.

Restricted or "escort only" areas (i.e. military bases or inner FBI offices, etc) wouldn't be effected, nor (necessarily) would areas with armed guards and detectors. Of course, if state law mandates a "gun check" they'd have to comply.

Would eliminate the 1,000' rule of the GFSZA at least, if not rescind it entirely.