Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Fast. Like a marsupial.

Caleb uses a post about reviewing one's shooting with a camcorder to show off.

He's right; it's a great tool, because the camera doesn't lie, and also because you can use pauses and slow-mo to isolate problems with your form. I need a better video camera.


Robb Allen said...

Some cameras (like mine) have a slow motion feature that will allow you to take 120 fps for a few seconds.

That way, Caleb could look all Matrix like. Give him a black leather trench coat and some cool shades and he'd be perfect.

Caleb said...

I have the shades, I just don't shoot with them because they're not rated as impact resistant.

Actually, I don't wear "shooting glasses" - I buy safety glasses from the hardware store that are rated to take an impact from a nailgun.


Liberty Girl said...

Major, MONDO points for the "Walken" title.

Anonymous said...

Frankenstein never scared me.

Shootin' Buddy

Laughingdog said...

"I need a better video camera."

Instapundit recently posted about a new Kodak video camera coming out in September that might do what you need. $180, has a tripod mount on the bottom, shoots in 1080p HD, and takes 5MB stills. It apparently will do video pretty well in low light as well, so it will probably do just fine at indoor ranges if needed.


Caleb said...

Man, if I was at my home office, I'd pull my Sony off the shelf and tell you what it was. It's actually a still camera first, takes up to 9 megapixel still images, and records video in 640x480 format, which is perfect for YewTewb.

Robb Allen said...

Caleb, the problem is that 640x480 YouTube videos aren't that great for seeing detail. Go for the higher def video resolutions.

Sure, it's fine to put up online for others to laugh at you, but to really embarrass yourself, you need to see detail.

cjr_multigun said...

I can testify that a video camera with the 120fps slo-mo feature is really handy for analyzing one's drawstroke and reload technique.

That Kodak Zi8 looks like the berries, though.

Caleb said...

Robb - a better camera costs money. Lots of money. Money that I'd rather spend on ammo.