Thursday, August 13, 2009

What color is the sky in their world?

Buts that’s no longer the case. These people, these pro-life, tea party, birthers, astroturfers and all the assholes stockpiling ammo, these people are our Taliban.

The NIE warning was right on. Its time to start confiscating guns NOW!

I receive email alerts from the NRA-ILA, the Second Amendment Foundation,, and a couple of other organizations that your average filthy hippie like the one quoted above would describe as "Right Wing", and yet somehow I haven't yet received my astroturf marching orders concerning where to pick up my professionally-printed signs and color-coordinated tee shirt to go brownshirt some innocent congresscritter's Town Hall meeting.

No, wait, my bad... I only get the invitation, pre-printed signs, and matching tee if I'm grassroots. Since I'm all astroturf-y, I have to figure out where to go, dress myself, and make my own damn sign.


Yosemite Sam said...

It's like someone flicking a bull in the balls with a wet towel and being completely surprised and astonished when it finally charges at them.

Yeah start confiscating those guns Lefties.

Paul said...

Just don't channel any sentiment of the founding fathers when you make the sign. Also you don't want to excercise any rights when you go an demonstrate. Oh wait, that is the 1st amendment. Maybe don't demonstrate againest any policticians. Oh wait, just the democratic ones. Bah, hang em all

Anonymous said...

I live in Salt Lake and get to hear this crap all of the time. Unfortunately, due to our State's history and connection with the LDS Church (meaning: the State was founded by Mormons and didn't become very "diverse" until the turn of the 19th century or possibly later. Some would argue that it's still not very diverse), our Liberals tend to be very, very eccentric.

Joanna said...

See, the problem with confiscating guns is that you're taking them from people who own guns. Goes in the "sounds good on paper, but let's run some simulations first" file.

Kristophr said...

The hippies don't want to confiscate our guns, Joanna.

The little cowards want the police to do it for them.

If the hippies make a fugitive out of you, remember: They sicked the police on you ... and that the police always support the winning side after the smoke clears.

Don't screw with the police ... you'll need them to round up and hang the hippies afterward.

Borepatch said...

I only get the invitation, pre-printed signs, and matching tee if I'm grassroots.

Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia ...

You'd think that these people never read any books or something. Of course, that's probably due more to a lack of ever re-examining their first premises.

Then again, if all they read is Alinsky, then it makes sense. In that world, there is no objective truth, only power.

Wonder when they'll try to shut Google down ...

Stuart_the_Viking said...

Wow, talk about delusional... but every time I read a comment along these lines it really gets me thinking; what would the America be like if this person's comments WERE reality? The body count would be HUGE!

Please forgive me for pointing out the obvious:

Gun owners = have guns.
Anti-gun persons = not so much.

Insergency nothing... it would be a bloody massecre.


Peter said...


Cliffy "The Lyin' King" Lyon has once again raised himself out of the swamp that is his world view!

Several of us had some fun at his expense a while back over at Yuri's place (The Real Gun Guys).

Jason Cato said...

Molon Labe

Joanna said...

Kristopher: No joke. The trick, I think, is to make it clear that you are, in fact, the injured party and that you're on the cops' side. When they come you show them your plausible deniability hole, you give them cookies and you send them on their way.

You can solve anything with cookies.

WV: concenn, see "area of"

Vote For David said...

It would be nice if we got a few minutes' warning before the "only ones" stupid enough to try confiscating guns come to the door. That way, we could post signs like "all the guns in this house will be confiscated by people with bloody shoes, following surrender of all the bullets in this house"

So, what, maybe a 5 minute heads-up?

Sigivald said...

"Those guys are so paranoid with their concern about the government and gun rights!


We should totally take all their guns!"


One wonders if the dumbass in question also has any idea what the actual Taliban were like.

Kristophr said...

Vote for David:

You'll have many weeks warning. If you want to resist, start by moving your crap to a safehouse.

Cold dead hands is bad tactics.

staghounds said...

Stuart, you forgot:

Gun Owners = Law Abiding

Gun Owners = Have families

Anti-Gun Persons = Have media, courts, police, army.


History = No lawfully created anti gun measure ever violently resisted en masse, or even by more than a dozen people at a time. (Yes, I know, Concord- but that was, even by its own terms, an unlawful confiscation.)

Not to say it won't happen here, but it's extremely unlikely and suggesting it wastes energy.

Anonymous said...

You should check out the scumbag's latest:

Kristophr said...

Unfortunately, I think Staghounds is right.

They'll pass laws a bit at a time, and do CA style enforcement ... no house to houses, just using records as PC to search for "illegal" firearms whenever you end up in custody.

Don't assume they are all stupid.

staghounds said...

I know I'm right.

Think about it, we all obey the gun laws now. Suppose someone were to approach you and offer to sell you the pistol of your dreams, for a ery cheap price, while you're out of state. You'd look for an FFL to do the deal, because THERE IS NO GUN WORTH GOING TO JAIL FOR.

So when the price of keeping your Barrett, or your 15 shot Glock magazine, or your grandfather's Colt Woodsman he fed the family with during the depression becomes a felony conviction, you'll turn it in.


And even if you risked jail by not registering, and so keep that Woodsman, no one will care. Because it will never leave your property. If you use it to defend yourself, great- a criminal is shot, and another semiautomatic comes "off the streets".

And if not your children, or grandchildren, will do the right thing when they find it among your possessions.

There won't be any house to houses, because we'll turn almost all of them in as they are incrementally outlawed. And after a few years, the un turned in ones will become poison.

Think about machine guns. When they were outlawed in 1934, there wasn't a huge mass turn in. Lots of people had them. They just kept them, and raids on law abiding mg owners would have produced outrage and repeal.

Now, someone finds that mg08 that came back from the Argonne in bgrandfather's attic, or the pair of Thompsons that's been sitting in the ranch office since 1927. What happens?

The finder turns it in, or more likely destroys it (In the aforesaid cases, which I know about personally, the '08 was torched and the Thompsons crushed by an earth mover.) Supposing that BATFE were to find out about about such a find, of course there would be a raid, arrest, and conviction.

No one would care. It's a MACHINE GUN!!!!!

By and large, the only people who get raided will be people like Randy Weaver or the Davidians. And the general public will NOT rally around those poster children, as we can all see.

I've decided that when confiscation time comes, I'm going to put all my guns in hollowed out, obscure library books, or inside old pieces of furniture- things that will outlice me. With a box of ammunition.

I like to think of them being found a century hence. Messages from an unexperienced time, like those Thompsons and that mg08 with the bullet hole in the water jacket.

mostly cajun said...

You forgot the air-conditioned charter buses to pick you up in da 'hood and bring you to the town-hall meeting...

TJP said...

Kristopher said...
The hippies don't want to confiscate our guns, Joanna.
The little cowards want the police to do it for them."

Yep! Note the passive^2 voice in the comment. He skipped right past the Editorial We, didn't reach for a "would", and went right to, "It's time for [someone else] to [do something]." Carry on, folks, this plaything of the state is of no consequence.

WV: "apod'iere"; a butt that does not bend color to different focal lengths.

Thomas Lawrence said...

NRA = Terrorist?????
I guess I was duped into joining in 1969.
5 year

I joined because a guest in our home when I was about 16 saw our gun cabinet and said " It is good that you can own guns in this country."
She was from Latvia and said that the Germans made them register and the Russians confiscated or vice versa.
The left will try to ban outlaw criminalize piece by piece.
They don't want citizens just sheeple. An unarmed populace is easier to control.

Tom Lawrence

Kristophr said...

TJP: Learn to expect some snarky comments on this site.

If you are so humorless that you can't recognize a bit of silliness and sarcasm, then you might have some problems ...

Oh wait ... nevermind.

I do want to hang those damned hippies ... we'll need a stateless solution, however. Maybe organized hunts, with drivers and gun bearers?

TJP said...


You lost me there. I didn't detect any silliness or sarcasm in Cliff Lyon's writing. He seems pretty serious to me. And also clueless, since he doesn't appear to understand that demanding the state commit armed robbery is actually threatening violence, (albeit the Homer Simpson let-someone-else-do-it kind of violence.)

Kristophr said...

Hey ... someone's gotta do it.