Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lame Excuse Post...

There was supposed to be another gun school post today, but by the time I got home, cleaned my sidearm, rinsed the worst of the crud off, had a bottle of Ruination, and ate, it was beddy-bye time. And now it's this morning and all y'all got was a half-recycled post from yesterday morning.

Today's class starts in an hour or so. Hopefully I'll have more time to write this afternoon.


Home on the Range said...
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Home on the Range said...

I shouldn't type before I've had coffee. . .

Didn't want to call and wake RX up.

Dinner at the range tonight? Tomorrow? You can tell us all about it, over croissants and sausage beef marinara.

Drang said...

Take water this time!

And a camera would be nice.

Wait, you're already there, never mind...

pax said...

Hopefully I'll have more time to write this afternoon.

Don't count on it. Gun school saps energy, big-time.

sam said...


But it saps energy in a good way.

WV: earayost

irritating condition brought on by having to wear hearing protection all day in hot, muggy weather.

Anonymous said...

Tam's rocking and rolling, impressing fellow students and the instructor.

She's a gunner on the range and especially off it when Louis asks questions about guns.

"What was John Browning's middle name?"
"Why did John Browing do this or that?"
"What was John Browning's favorite salad?"

Pfooey, she always gets called on. *kicks rocks* Teacher's pet!

I think she just may be into this whole gun school thing. My eeevil plan is working perfectly--bwwwahahaha!

I have managed to: not drop my pistol, not to fumble a magazine in front of the instructor, step in the right direction during movement drills, not rip my pants and have to cover parts of my clothing in duct tape (we in the gun school culture call this pantless condition "an Allen")--all great victories for me.

Shootin' Buddy

Joanna said...

At least you made it back for the second day. *rubs remains of my sunburn*

Will said...

Some watered down Gatorade in addition to plain H2O is helpful. Try not to use any decongestants on class days! Day 3 of my first class, during a record setting heat wave outside of Bakersfield, one of us went to the hospital for heat exhaustion (heat stroke?). I only ended up in the air-conditioned office chugging several liters of water for a couple of hours until I could produce clear urine. (heaving my lunch was the attention getter- followed by dropping to the ground with my head between my knees) They let me return, but it was a couple days before I felt 100%.
Drink something every time you come off the line.