Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Worst. Dope Smuggling Plan. Evar.

Investigators in Colorado say they have broken up a massive methamphetamine ring in the Denver area that distributed pounds of the dangerous drug every week and laundered the profits using collectible comic books.
The case was broken open when a detective noticed Jeremy Blascowicz grinding his teeth, constantly tugging at his neck beard, and talking at a high rate of speed for three hours straight about why Secret Wars was, like, a million billion times better than Crisis on Infinite Earths.


og said...

I do hope I never give you reason to point that high powered snark at me.

Anonymous said...

Silly, neckbeards, you can't use mom's basement as a drug warehouse.

Besides making shake and bake meth in your mom's basement endangers your Wookie suit and your Ron Paul campaign signs.

First problem, you're in a basement.

Shootin' Buddy

Brad K. said...


I dunno. It seems a match made in heaven - intense folk focused on minutia, shunned by regular folk but tolerated as a mostly harmless fringe element. And they always have an armful of plastic bags.

Now, coin or stamp collectors, that would be a bad try - coin and stamp collectors aren't known for allowing emotions to show in public.

Chess players, now might be a good channel. No one would ever be interested in a chess set.

I wonder if a franchise of helium balloon vendors might work out?

Robert Langham said...

Drugs ought to be legalized to move these folks along without jamming up the works and making criminals rich.
What an unholy mess.

Anonymous said...

When you say, "move these folks along", I presume you're speaking of Darwinian Selection & the eventual cleaning of the gene pool??

B Woodman

Dr. StrangeGun said...

I reject your pharmaceuticals, and substitute my own.

Kristophr said...

B Woodman:


Some loser's choice of suicide method is not a good reason to trample my rights. As long as no children are involved, I support the right of losers to quietly off themselves and get off of my damned planet.