Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Spring Ahead, Fall On Your Face.

The clocks are all wonky at Roseholme Cottage this week because Roomie is covering for a vacationing coworker. Said coworker works the shift from OMG-thirty to WTF-o'clock, so this means going to bed and getting up at some pretty bizarro hours, which has thoroughly scrambled my internal chronometer.

Posting may be light. Or heavier than usual (there's not much else to do in the wee hours). It will also probably be even more incoherent than it normally is, because I've been pretty punchy for two days straight now, and I don't foresee it getting any better until I get back to my usual schedule. As a creature of habit, I fear change; it discombobulates me.

UPDATE: It's currently LOL:15 and I've already been up for three hours. Or is it four? There are words in my head, but I can't get them through my fingers and into the keyboard. Only one can of Vault Zero left in the house; I obviously seriously underplanned for this last night. I don't think driving to the store right now would be the smartest of ideas, though.


MrWof. said...

I know traveling is different, as you are in familiar surroundings while stuck with odd hours, but I have always found watching a sunrise a wonderful way for resetting my body clock when jetlagged.

Perhaps shifting your usual mealtimes, etc., would work in this situation. Other than that, as we antipodeans say 'you're stuffed, mate'.

Good luck.

MrWolf. said...

Plan B:-
Hot shower?
Cold shower?
Home aerobics DVD? (Although in this state 'go for the burn' might not be the best advice.)
Any advance on aerobics? Come on people. I LIKE this blog. What will we all read if Tam lapses into a coma/runs amok ?

Roberta X said...

Tam? Whattabout me? I have to pull these hours and try to accomplish enough to merit my pay! Oh, the Bobbianity! ;)

Srsly, it's No Damn Fun all 'round and in a tiny house, as heavily as I sleep, Tam's lucky if she can stay snoozin' through my waking up and getting ready, try as I might to tiptoe through the process.

Firehand said...

I worked that shift off & on for a lot of years; it's one thing I most definitely do NOT miss from the place.

I had years of "Normal sleep pattern? What's that?"

FxR said...

I'm one of those weirdos who actually prefer to work the night shift. The sun is an evil glowing ball that sucks the life out of me...

Tam said...

Oh, I prefer third shift, too.

What I totally can't hack is going back and forth and back and forth.