Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Yes, we have no bananas.

Struck out on ammo at Premiere Arms; they had nothing in .45 or .32ACP, and naught in 9x19 but some Middle Eastern surplus corrosive stuff. I picked up 100 115gr .355" FMJ projectiles and 100 155gr .358" LSWC bullets for reloading.

They still have that beautifully engraved S&W .44 double-action top-break and a 4" Model 25-9 in .45 Colt. Tempting, but too rich for my blood.


Anonymous said...

I picked up a 25-9 in .45 Colt not too long ago, makes a nice carry gun with much shooty goodness. Also using it to as one of many handguns used to teach now-scared Obama voting women the art of the hand gun.

If you define Byzantium on the Potomac as within the Beltway, on both the Maryland and Virginia sides a number hoplophobic women have discovered the joys of hand-gunnery. Yea, our side. Votes are being moved.

Jim said...


How much for the 25-9, including finders fee?


Tam said...

No finder's fee needed. I think he has ~$900 on the tag, but it's been there a couple months, so I think he might be willing to move, unless it's a consignment with a stubborn owner.

It's nearly pristine (I'd say an honest 98%-99% LNIB, but I haven't looked at it up close,) and the tag says it comes with the box. I've given serious thought to swapping my 3" .45 Colt 625 for it; it's really purty.

Anonymous said...

Ammunition to go has .45 ACP ball, both fiocci and Aguila at about 350 bucks a thousand rounds.

George said...

I had a nickeled Model 625 in 45 LC. Probably my favourite shootie ... marvelous trigger, double or single action ... although I preferred the Model 686 for ... erm ... well, you see ... you can't carry in The Great White North, of course.

My smith didn't have to do anything to it ... and I did the cleaning. I really miss it ... as you can see by my nick.

Jim said...

The Smith at $900 makes me rue a wasted life. Next time around I'm going to be an investment banker, cheat everyone, and buy all the pretty but overpriced bangers I want.

And thanks for waiving the finder's fee, hinting ever so nicely I ought to proof my stuff better. I wondered why I had that extra apostrophe cluttering up my clip board.

Tam said...

"And thanks for waiving the finder's fee, hinting ever so nicely I ought to proof my stuff better."

Huh? Oh, shit, I totally wasn't playing grammar nazi there, honest.

I had to scroll back up through the comments to see what you meant. :o

staghounds said...

And the .44 top break?

Tam said...

The price spot on the tag was blank, which I took to mean "If you have to ask..."

If it wasn't refinished, though, it was the single best-preserved blued late-19th Century firearm I've seen in my life.