Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Morning Potpourri...

  • Yesterday night, after I put the finishing touches on the Arms Room post, I did something relatively unprecedented for me: I turned on the Colts-Patriots game. I mean, it had been billed as a Really Big Deal in all the local media, and I could hear fellow Broad Riparians hooting like caged orangs in the surrounding houses, so maybe it would be interesting. I turned it on early in the third quarter and am given to understand that I shouldn't have fallen asleep at the two minute warning. The last NFL game I'd watched was Super Bowl XXXIII, because it featured the home town Falcons, and before that was Super Bowl XXII, so every time I see a football game I feel like Rip Van Winkle. "Wasn't that pass interference?" "Do they know they only have one running back?" "How can they go for two? This isn't college football." "When did they start using jet packs and lasers?"
  • Got back to regular weekly handgun shooting yesterday at Iggle Crick after a two-weekend hiatus. The Ruger 22/45 and the Smith K-22 are the best firearms purchases I've made in years; they literally live in my range bag.
  • Mmmmm. Lunch at Shalimar. (Thai Cafe was still closed at noon fifteen.)
  • What is up with the Democrat Party nut-huggers at NBC? The peacock is green all week to celebrate Al Gore's guest spot on 30 Rock, and half the Today Show this morning was dedicated to reminding us that Emmanuel Goldstein Sarah Palin eats her young and is known to sacrifice kittens to Cthulhu. It's getting to the point that I wouldn't believe these %&*$ers if they told me Palin woke up in the morning. They don't even make a show of trying to cover their scat anymore; it's just left steaming in the middle of the parquet.


Anonymous said...

"What is up with the Democrat Party nut-huggers at NBC?"

WRT Sarah Palin, fear. Raw fear. Aside from any conservative base, she's attractive to the moderate middle--and that adds up to a majority.

Add that to the public's growing awareness that the Liberal policies have led or are leading to the financial destruction of this country and you have a serious problem in maintaining control of the government. That control is the only goal of the Liberals; all else is window dressing.


Tango Juliet said...

Ditto Art.

I LOVE my 22/45. I would never be w/o one. I have yet to find any HS ammo it won't digest and my skills will never come close to matching its accuracy.

Wonderful training tool to teach the support hand trigger finger some new tricks.

NBC sucks, like the rest of the MSM.

Bug said...

Remember last week a few thousand people showed up in Wisconsin's armpit (Milwaukee) to PAY MONEY to see Palin give a pro-life speech. The media is terrified of her because she can speak right over the state-controlled media.

TJP said...

Regarding Al Gore: there are enormous cracks in the foundation, and Big Carbon is about to topple over. The others who politicized climate science are understandably desperate.

And that's just the political end.

Otherwise the media is demonstrating that itself as the unintentional satire of the journalism arts. (Nothing to see here, move along.)

theirritablearchitect said...

"...They don't even make a show of trying to cover their scat anymore; it's just left steaming in the middle of the parquet..."

What's more, they expect you to like it just fine that way.

Slobbering idiots, one and all.

George said...

We can always leave it to you to tell the TRUTH! Thank you. Whether one is a Gov. Palin fan, or not, I'm constantly amazed at the poison being spent in her direction, from what Bernie Goldberg now calls the LAME STREAM MEDIA (LSM). Good you have the .22s, mine were excellent used acquisitions!

The Raving Prophet said...

Had a 22/45. Emphasis on the "had." I didn't offload it because it was an unrepentant turd of a gun. It was indeed accurate and reliable.

No, I just never fell in love with it, and that was because I was largely expecting it to be something it wasn't, and that is an economical .22LR pistol that's not unlike a 1911. Turns out it is (to steal from Douglas Adams) almost, but not completely, unlike a 1911. The weight balance is wrong, the controls are in the right places but actuate incorrectly, the trigger was awful, and reassembly after cleaning was its own version of hell. It could have been so much more had Ruger not cheaped out on the frame; even drilling holes to use standard 1911 grips would have been a major improvement- as it was, the grip was unnecessarily squared off and uncomfortable.

I'd have been happier with a Buckmark or a Neos. I ended up giving it to my sister and buying a used Sig Trailside, which other than being a bit obscure when it comes to parts, is indeed made of awesome. I gave up on the "almost a 1911" bit (since by that time I had diversified my collection a bit), and the gun is comfortable, reliable, and accurate to an insane degree- a laser gun might improve upon it, but the designer would have to have a good day and the tolerances would need to stack just right.

I'm glad others love the 22/45; I just wish I could have found a way to overlook its faults. It doesn't suck, I just expected something else.

Rabbit said...

With every passing day I become more convinced that Atlas Shrugged was not so much a (ok, it's tedious and long-winded) novel but prophecy.

The Liberals/looters are trying to keep things wired together before negotiations end on how big the barrel will be, and exactly who is going to be over it. November 2, 2010 will be a very interesting day, indeed.

Themadlemming said...

What's wrong with sacrificing to our Great Lord Cthulhu?

Anonymous said...

"she's attractive to the moderate middle"

Community based mental health treatment programs failed. Bring back the looney bins, please.

amcz said...

NBC is owned by General Electric. General Electric depends on government contracts/trade rules in order to do business. Recently, GE has increased its activities in Russia with the aid of President Obama.

NBC is just helping its parent corporation.

Kristophr said...

The MSM spews lies again.

Sarah does not sacrifice kittens to Cthulhu.

She sacrifices hippies and hobos, like any normal person.

Stranger said...

Rumor has had Comcast buying NBC, and all it's sprouts and offshoots for some time. As of this evening, the deal is supposed to close this week. Much to the relief of some TV station types I know.

It's not a lot of fun to work for an affiliate of the last place network at any time - and even less so when viewers take their ire at the far left talkers out on station staff.


Kristophr said...

Anonymouse:Community based mental health treatment programs failed. Bring back the looney bins, please.

I agree. We need somewhere to store the libtards, preferably where they can't hurt anyone with their misvoting.

Anonymous said...

"Kristopher said...I agree. We need somewhere to store the libtards, preferably where they can't hurt anyone with their misvoting."

Ooh ... Ooh ... the frustrated shrugger's totalitarian temptation.