Monday, November 09, 2009

Why you should not have overdue books...

My pal Breda shoots an M1A for the camera. It probably took a paint scraper to get the grin off her face afterward.

(Especially amusing are the gents in comments offering dozens of bits of advice, almost 20% of which are factual... ;) )


Anonymous said...

Would I be correct that the 20% percent of which you speak has to do with her incorrect offhand position?

Mike James

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I noticed that "quick to offer" urge in the comments too. All discerned from 7 seconds of video.

Anonymous said...

'Would I be correct to assume', I meant?


og said...

LOL! looks like a hoot. I LOVE to see women at the range.

The M14 comes to your shoulder with some authority, but it's not bad on recoil, she's just so teeny.

Jay G said...

Hey, all I commented on was her sunburn... ;)

Anonymous said...

I hope her sights weren't all screwed up like someone I know!

Shootin' Buddy

breda said...

thanks Tam!

I was trying a different, more straight-on stance per the suggestion of one of the attendees. As you can see, it didn't work out so well. I usually stand at an angle.

WV: mozzle!

Ed Foster said...

I had my clock cleaned in a match a few years ago by a solid but small lady from the Coast Guard rifle team.

And let's not forget the amazing Margaret Thompson. She wasn't just a good woman shooter, she was one of the best shooters, period.

Actually, women have a bit of an advantage in offhand generally. Somewhat shorter legs, and wider hips. definately more stable.

Not to mention the fact that they actually listen to their coaches and don't have as many bad habit to unlearn. I believe I was mentioning daughter Sarah's first match a while back (puff, puff).

All she did was listen to me as I talked her through it, and she beat several regular competitors. Now she has a pink AR, and the world will never be the same.

WV is swines. I guess the robot that picks them isn't a Democrat.

phlegmfatale said...

You should have seen her blow up a pound of tannerite splosive stuff. Old NFO, AEPilot Jim and LawDog set it up in a cup, had me, Christina and Breda shoot at them for the big finale. They said the container was full of red jello and would go all pretty-splodey. Breda hits home, it went ka-boom and the barrel went flying, and Breda said "did I hit it?"

Good times!

dave said...

I love my M1A. One of my favorite things about them is how easy they are to disassemble and clean. Looks like you had fun :)

And if you're really, really into them, there's this nifty stock that J. Allen Enterprises makes for them that'll make all but the most hardcore delta-force-sooper-sekrit-service-green-beret-ranger-mall-ninja types drool shamelessly.

Stingray said...

And that *after* I stopped into the local kwik-e-mart to get some SPF for our fairer-skinned ladies, Jay! Even LabRat was getting a bit pink, though she eschewed the tank top.

(Oh, and I'm pretty sure I've got video of her on a garand, too. Gotta sort through everything first.)