Friday, November 13, 2009

I have a question.

With front-o'-the-rag articles like "OMG Our Smoking Laws Are So Primitive Compared To California's!" and "How Come We Let Those Awful Casinos Prey On Gambling Addicts?", why do papers like the Indianapolis Red Star go through the charade of having a separately labeled "Editorial" section anymore?


Pathfinder said...

Ask them in a letter to the Editor. See if they even print it.

Rev. Paul said...

I see they're practicing skills from the Dan Rather School of Fact-finding and Allegation.

Tirno said...

Considering the state of affairs that California has made for itself on every conceivable public policy front, anyone that starts a conversion along the lines of "Consider what California is doing" in a positive context should be shown the door.

WV: dharr - the sound of deliberation in Sacramento

Rob K said...

Why? Force of habit.

Jason said...

Ha! OUR Sunday paper blamed a breast cancer death of a waitress/student/former dropout on lack of affordable healthcare... apparently all the campus healthcare and inexpensive group PPO policies just kept disappearing in front of her like Sho Kosugi in front of Lee Van Cleef.

When I carried private health insurance, it wasn't expensive, but I had to budget and manage my own care.

Oh, wait. My bad. I forgot to say that mine also didn't include super ultra freer than free cure-all pills made with unobtanium-plated unicorn crap and pixie farts.

wv: tuper. Part of the Mozambique drill. Tuper chest, one per head.

Stranger said...

Indy is afflicted with a Gannett "newspaper." One of my Cajun friends points out that Gannett is a misspelling of gannet, a fish eating bird commonly called the booby.

So called because it would waddle up to meat hungry sailors and honk as if to say "eat me."

And of course, the primary product of the booby, or gannet, is guano.

Most appropriate.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

This would be a great city to start a newspaper in.

But I've been saying that since the Pulliam days.