Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Overheard in the Hallway:

Me: "They're liberals. They'll think the Blackwater hat got all sweat-stained when I was killing babies in Iraq or something."

RX: "Isn't that what Blackwater mainly does over there?"

Me: "Did. They lost the baby-killing contract to Halliburton, who proposed using the infants as fuel to power Dick Cheney's orbital mind-control lasers."

RX: "I thought the Obama administration was going to change all that, put scrubbers on the stacks, and force the orbital mind control lasers to go green?"


reflectoscope said...

Did I read somewhere that green lasers are the most efficient at getting through the atmosphere anyway?

I think if O had his way they'd all have to go red.


Bgg said...

This made me giggle - thanks for this!!

Anonymous said...

Blackwater gear--gear to murder census workers in!

Wait, what? Really? He wasn't murdered by conservatives but was attempting insurance fraud?

Shootin' Buddy

Anonymous said...

The green laser also release more CO2 so the polar bears drown and we can drill for more oil in the Artic safely. It's win-win!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope and Chnage!

We're using _Cheney's_ lasers powered by combusted infants.

Does it count as child labour if their still alive when fed to the machines? Just asking , might mean ACORN is involved.

Kristopher said...

Nope. The orbital mind control lasers are powered by Polar Bears now ... although they do need to learn how to dispose of them properly from orbit.

rickn8or said...

They were SUPPOSED to burn up on reentry. That and fall unnoticed into the Atlantic ocean. Engineers prolly dropped a decimal point somewhere.