Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Stayed up all night playing nurse, helping a neighbor recover from sinus surgery.

Haven't pulled an all-nighter in a while; I don't recollect it being this tough. I feel like three miles of bad road.

Being so tired that you're seeing things doesn't make squinting at the bitty little Eee display any easier, I'll tell you that.


Steve said...

You have my sympathy. They nearly kill me!

To think that when I was young I was always ready to pull an all nighter.

perlhaqr said...

I hear you. I used to be able to do that sort of thing essentially without notice. These days, staying up all night takes three days to get the sleep schedule to roll over that far.

Sometimes, I do miss my early 20s.

Joseph said...

Good on you for helping your neighbor out. A couple of years ago I stayed up with my mom when her post surgery medicine gave her halucinations. You don't want to see your mom tripping out, trust me. She was paranoid someone was trying to kill her at the convelescent center and there I sat overnight with a S&W M19 strapped to my side because, hey, she might be right!

Moriarty said...

Back in my training days, people would express amazement at how I could stay awake for 36 hours taking care of patients, grab 12 hours off and go at it again, sometimes for months at a time.

I told them it was the easiest thing in the world... my name was on the schedule and no one gave me a goddamn choice in the matter.

You had a choice and you did it anyway.

Well done.

rickn8or said...

Use your newly-gained Karma-Points to pay for a day off. If Venus falls into the sun or the world stops turning, we'll wake you up.

Joseph said...

All nighters are rough. At 45, I can still do them, but hate them, esp. if I have work the next day. Won't do them any more unless it is an emergency.

GDC said...

" I feel like three miles of bad road." -- wow that's a GREAT line. Love that.
Sinus surgery is no joke. Recovery time is a part of the reason most folks I know are very hesitant. However there are now some other ways to turn. Balloon sinuplasty is gaining traction – lots of info out there.
Anyway. Knowledge is power – do your homework and talk to your doctor. Find the solution that fits your condition best.
Take care.