Sunday, November 22, 2009

Say what?

So we're watching the local news yesterday morning and they're covering a nearby amusement park having a big garage sale. As they wrap up the segment and get ready to go to weather, we're treated to this bit of dialog:

Anchorchick: "...except I hear that the Santa chair has already sold. Too bad, I kind of wanted that Santa chair."

Anchordude: "Well, you're going to need a Santa chair if you go outside today, because it's going to be beautiful out there! Now to Chelsea for the forecast..."

Going to need a lolwhut? That's going on the blooper reel he's getting for Christmas, I'll bet.


Anonymous said...

This one made me laugh hard enough that I bought the mug. (I'd check six before following the link, though...)


rickn8or said...

Nice segway there, anchordude. You write your own stuff or did that come from one of the weekend interns??

Steve said...

ZOMG! You live near Holiday World, Tam? Lucky. They have the top wood coaster in the world (the Voyage), and their other two are just as awesome.

The Voyage is getting Timberliner trains next year, which will make the ride even more awesomer.

Chinese Porkman said...

He was thinking "you're going to need a Santa chair if you eat another doughnut, chunky", it made it halfway out his mouth, and then he caught himself and had to jabber something that made no sense.