Friday, November 27, 2009

Amused To Death.

The absolute tizzy that the press has worked themselves into at the terrible act of lèse majesté committed against their demigod is pretty chucklesome, especially when you consider that if the Salahis had done the very same thing a year and a half ago, they'd be fêted as heroes by the press and made into popular martyrs if they got hit with anything as minor as a fine for trespassing.

Note to NBC: lèse majesté is not actually a crime in the U.S.A.

The hooraw over this just keeps getting better, though. Like all the reporters talking about the horror of this being done at "our first State Dinner!"

Um, additional note to 30 Rock: We have been having State Dinners since, oh, the 19th Century or so. But we know what you mean...

Anyhow, note the excitement at MSNBC as Amun-Re, the Sun Descended, greets "the D.C. elite, Oscar-winning entertainers and Hollywood moguls." No mention is made of that Indian guy... no, not Deepak Chopra, I mean the other Indian guy. The unimportant one.

Right now I could listen to the Shrub mispronounce "nukyular" for an hour straight, because the grownups have definitely left the building.


Anonymous said...

bread and circuses.

Anything that distracts the mob will be seized upon. It's depressing, but it's true.

I mean hell, what ever else could the press be talking about? The Government take over of Health Care? BORING. Afganistan? BORING. Record national debt? BORING. What Michelle Obama is wearing today? That's a HIT.

og said...

lèse majesté depends on there being majesty. The only thing Majestic about the Won is his overweening hubris.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've been wondering about the "crime" they may have commited.

Even IF they technically violated some law somewhere, and I'm sure they did (Just on the basis that in the USA today I believe breathing may violate some ordinance) , they should be _THANKED_ because they obviously showed up some pretty serious security hole somewhere.

Anonymous said...

The biggest crime they committed was embarrassing a bunch of Treasury cops. That tends to have negative consequences for the offender.

Leatherwing said...

Did the Messiah bow down to the interlopers. Seems he does that to everybody these days.

Tam said...

The irony is especially palpable, considering that within the living memory of some readers, entrance to the White House was gained by walking up to the front door and ringing the bell. Prior to the Roosevelt administration, at least, you had a fair shot at having a member of the "First Family" answer the door...

Brian Dale said...

By contrast, Tam, we now read about "the first family's glass-enclosed viewing area after the inaugural concert at the Lincoln Memorial."
"The glass is not only bullet proof, but also electrified. Never try to touch this special protective glass."

Perhaps I should be grateful that we commoners know where we stand.

Matt G said...

I've been willing to put up with "nukyular," ever since that pronunciation was popularized by a former Navy nuclear technician.

Note that they're planning on going felony on the interlopers.
For crashing a party

Tooooooo many things are felonies now. I don't even take federal law enforcement types seriously, anymore.