Thursday, November 05, 2009

Just like the last Great Depression...

...the antics of G-men and bank robbers are filling the headlines.


E foster said...

Sorry about the dog.

And, at the risk of seeming a redneck, I think being a Black Muslim has a lot more to do with being a racist black man than being a convert to Islam.

jimbob86 said...

"He had been seeking to establish a separate Sharia-law state in the United States, the FBI said."

Would it not have been simpler to move to one of the inner city ghettoes in France?

pdb said...

"Would it not have been simpler to move to one of the inner city ghettoes in France?"

Or Dearborn?

Malamute said...

I'm sorry to hear about the dog also.

No point being redundant on other points.


perlhaqr said...

Wow. Hello John Ringo. And the thing last month about the government imposing rate caps on CC companies and them charging fees for paying on time was straight out of The Weapon. Damn all these prescient science fiction authors anyway...

Anonymous said...

Hard to argue with Willie Sutton's comment when asked why he robbed banks: "That's where the money is."


Timmeehh said...

Yes, the biggest tragedy in that story was the death of the dog.

Ed Foster said...

pdb, as far as Dearborn, and the unfortunately positioned Major Hassan down at Ft. Hood, I will say one thing. Hassan is, to my knowledge, the first Arab-American to flip out and go asshole.

"Black Muslims" sure, murderous f--king sociopaths, every one of them, but a first for Arab-Americans.

A SEAL buddy of mine, for reference Jewish, says the Arab-Americans have been invaluable over in the sandbox. Not only as interpreters and interogators, but as role models.

Imagine the emotional effect on the locals when they see an American soldier hand his weapons over to the door guard and pray with the congregation.

Every one of the nut jobs who flew into the Trade Center was educated in Europe, and they all went out of their way to avoid any contact with American Moslems, because they couldn't be trusted not to run to the FBI.

I imagine it must be like being Japanese-American during the Second World War, or German-American during the First. And they seem to be pulling more than their own weight, so God bless them.

But, there is no reason for accepting any more immigrants to the U.S.

First because we're full up, with lots of laid off native born paper pushers who will have to be retrained for productive jobs in a real economy.

Second, because the rest of the world, with terribly few exceptions, is more in love with socialism, "The Lazy Way", than we are. We already have enough liberals, letting in more is just spreading the rot.

If we're short computer wizzes and don't want India's best to compete with us, give them Resident Alien "blue cards", extendable for up to 10 years.

Son number 2 is in the business, and tells me the knowledge increase curve is so great that the brightest computer engineer is a has-been by his/her early 30's.

So pay them well, squeeze them totally, and let them go home to teach outmoded techniques to the next generation of the competition.

But close the door. We don't need warm bodies to cut wheat or pull on a drill press handle anymore.

And we can hire all the summer help we need to pick shade tobacco in Connecticut or fruit in California, then send them back to Oaxaca.

It helps stabilize Mexico, and gives them dollars to buy American airplanes and computers. It's called trade, and differs from adopting every lost waif in sight for the pleasure of saying we're "inclusive".

On a roll here folks, part two follows.

Ed Foster said...

Am I a hypocrite? Aren't we all "A nation of immigrants"?

On my mother's side, I have more relatives in Ireland than America, including a daughter and new born granddaughter.

I like the Irish. They're more like Americans than any other people on the slowly sinking European continent, cheerful, ballsy, and stauch individualists.

The Irish, the Swiss, and the rural French are the only truely "civilized" people left over there, if you use the original Latin meaning of the word.

But if we can't write a law specifically exempting these three groups from the ban, they'll have to tough out the bad times on their own, without our help.

Three bitchin' hard groups of people, and I think they'll do fine. We have our own fish to fry.

The "Greatest Generation" won WWII for several reasons, not least of which was the geographic isolation of the U.S. And the fact that the Germans never took Siberia, leaving us a source of chromium to use for tool steel.

But another reason is that we shut off immigration in the '20's. By the time the U.S. was in the war, everybody available for military service was either American born, of had lived in the U.S. since early childhood.

You can't maintain a foriegn culture here without constant replacement of people who have assimilated.

I remember going to Irish butcher shops with my mother as a kid. They were amazing.

They don't cut across the grain and through the bone, they follow the line of the muscles, bone out everything, then fillet and butterfly the meat to expose the grain for tenderness.

Beautifully aged grass fed meat, unmarbled, with the fat content supplied by the amazingly rich gravies and sauces.

If you have never eated spiced beef for Christmas, hung in the cooler, with the spices hand massaged into it daily for weeks, you are still a culinary virgin.

Make all the six pack and a potato jokes you want, those people know meat the way nobody on the planet except the Argentinians do.

But now the McGargles and O'Hehaws buy the same plastic wrapped stuff as all the other Americans, in the same supermarket, and their knowledge of Gaelic is confined to (phonetically) "Pugga Ma Hone", kiss my ass.

They marry German and Italian Americans, and their grandchildren will all be Americans with an Irish Grandpa. I'm not saying nothing is lost, but if we are to survive, we have to be one people.

E Pluribus Unum, the national motto, remember? One from many. Not many pretending to be one, while each rips off the system for their own benefit.

An elephant is a mouse designed by a committee. Everybody wants his part to be bigger.