Thursday, November 12, 2009

Internet Gun Forums Are Funny.

So I recently posted about the P-Mag 20-rounder that I inadvertently trashed at the Appleseed Shoot. I made it pretty clear in the post and in the subsequent comments that:
  • I like P-Mags and have had good luck with them for many years,
  • This is the first time I've managed to break one (and not for lack of trying,)
  • The fault was entirely attributable to operator error.
The post was linked to at Arfcom, however, and the jihad began. zOMG, I had slandered somebody's favorite magazine! Heresy! Infidel! Unbeliever!

I wish I lived in one of those happy universes where stuff never breaks and therefore people can safely get their egos all tied up with what is, at the end of the day, a sub-$20 piece of gear that is essentially disposable, being a wear item and all.

BTW, props to the guys at Magpul for their swift response at the forum. They make good gear and have always been a pleasure to do business with.

(Incidentally, the go-to mags here at home are the same Magpul 30-rounders that I've used for years.)


Anonymous said...

"The post was linked to at Arfcom, however, and the jihad began. zOMG, I had slandered somebody's favorite magazine! Heresy! Infidel! Unbeliever!"

Really? Where's this?

I only see 8 posts and no one sez this. Are there other pages where the hysteria begins?

Where did Magpul say anything?

Is there a trick to looking at

Shootin' Buddy

Anonymous said...

"Where did Magpul say anything?"

"Correct. An over insertion such as this would only occur with the straight 20 rounders or when using a E-Mag in a regular AR system.

The regular PMag 30s have a stop to prevent over insertion on the front edge of the mag"

Anonymous said...

So, some comment on a blog comment and then the manufacturer offers a comments on those comments and this represents . . . heresy how exactly???

I remain confused.

Shootin' Buddy

Tam said...

Indulge me in a bit of hyperbole, here. After all, my operator error with my misassembled frankengun is causing me to be bitchin about Magpul, remember?

pdb said...

Every time I think arfcom couldn't generate any more fail and faggotry, I'm proven wrong.

Anonymous said...

"I want to know if the gun was a franken build and how much the mag release was threaded into the mag release button. I bet tightening it a few turns for proper engagement depth...."

Who said that your gun was misassembled? The poster makes speculates as to the cause of the malfunction. Isn't speculation the strong suit of the Algore?

I hate to admit this, but seems reasoned and calm on this.

Shootin' Buddy

Tam said...

"Isn't speculation the strong suit of the Algore?"

Yes, and so is hyperbole.

Neutrino Cannon said...

I've got to say, as far as arfcom drama goes this is fairly unimpressive.

I forget what the best way to start fireworks there is anymore. Used to be you could have three flame wars before breakfast there just by saying the words "6.8 SPC vs 6.5 Grendel", but now I think they like to argue about gas piston systems.

Kristopher said...

Yea, this is restrained for arfcom ... they haven't started creating "all my base" flash-loops and photochopped gifs of you yet.

Anonymous said...

I've learned from making stupid comments (or maybe not, I'm commenting) to take Tam with a grain of salt and enjoy her great way with words. If she wasn't fascinating you wouldn't read and therefore wouldn't see the link and check her for accuracy. That said, check the UPS truck Tam, there's a present on the way.

Anonymous said...

What? No Chili: With Beans is the ONLY way to go! Arfwar?

Only one thing to add:

"Cool Story, Bro!"


D.W. Drang said...

There's a reason I rarely leave the WA Hometown Forum, and almost NEVER go into General Discussion...

DirtCrashr said...

I don't Arfcom or Twitter. :-)

Ancient Woodsman said...

You are fine. Magpul is fine.

Remember two things:

a) is populated with those who have yet to hit puberty

b) is populated with those who have yet to hit puberty

Once you ahve that down you will be all set. You have no need to apologize about the P-Mags as every once in a while, everyone breaks something. P-Mags are no different - excellent, but no different.

RevolverRob said...

REAL CHILI DOES NOT HAVE BEANS!! To suggest such is sacrilege. Go pray at the alter of JMB, say thirty hail 1911s and 60 hail Hi-Powers. Then sit in your room and clean your Winchesters while you think about what you have said.


PS: My first thought was the mag should still be serviceable. My next thought was how stupid posters are when you admitted that you had your finger on the flippin' mag release switch. Clearly there is something wrong with your gun? I swear, some people just gotta blame the equipment.

Les Jones said...

I'm with Shootin' Buddy. I fail to see the fanboy Jihad at arfcom.

By gun forum standards that thread looks like an august, deliberative exchange of information.

Tam said...


Noah D said...

Hey, I thought it was a rather interesting failure - the rare kind of 'interesting' that doesn't equal 'tinnitus', 'time for a new gun' and/or 'trip to the ER'.

Joseph said...

Heh. This is all pretty funny. The Jihad that spans all of 14 posts on one page and has no exclamation points. The one poster that calls Tam a dude on The followup post drawing attention to the fanatical Jihad called upon the infidel Tam. Finally, readers of VFTFP essentially saying Meh...

Neutrino Cannon said...


Taiwanese made magazines for their gas-piston ARs (which existed way before HK made it cool) have two little nubs on the side to prevent overinsertion:

Anonymous said...

I guess I don't want to admit to having a Pmag fail on me at a TC training class. Please don't release the dogs of ARFcom!!

I think the spring lost tension: it would cycle if there were no more than 22 rounds in the magazine.

Am I upset? No, I marked it and replaced it in my training bag with one of the 50 other Pmags I own.

Anything manmade will break boys.


Dean Carder said...

The 11/20/2009 issue of Shotgun News has an interesting test of many of the current, popular AR15 magazines.David Fortier conducted the test and wrote the article. While the P-Mags are fine and dependable, they didn't come out on top in this test. The test does involve some creative test parameters.I liked the part where he Just happened to have an M35A2 available.

Just My 2¢ said...

I'm the one that posted the link to arfcom. It thought it was important Pmag-specific intel.

I own and like Pmags myself. Pmag 20 rounders are what I keep loaded in my drag bag. I just wanted people to realize that plastic mags behave differently than aluminum ones, and that if this happened to you, it might happen to them. I appreciate you owning up to operator error, but if you did it, others certainly will.

Tam said...

Just My 2¢,

It's cool. I was just trying to make a funny. Apparently my sense of humor is way off-kilter. ;)

Kristopher said...

I'm kinda disappointed that the arf-com'ers didn't dredge up your old bikini shot from neo-Nietzsche's shrine site and make Zumbo flashes out of it.

Tam said...

"That said, check the UPS truck Tam, there's a present on the way."

Thank you, Phantom Stranger! 8)