Sunday, November 15, 2009

Busy daze...

Yesterday we bicycled to Zest for breakfast, stopped at the Italian Market and Locally Grown Gardens on the way back, got the tires changed on roomie's car, walked to Lowe's while the car was in the shop, came back and raked leaves 'til it was too dark to see what we were raking, and had a fire in the new outdoor fireplace while eating rotisserie chicken that roomie had fetched from Fresh Market on her scooter. It was a full day.

In about thirty minutes I'll be heading out the door with Shootin' Buddy to get breakfast and then go shoot at Iggle Crick. I have promised myself to get something up on the other blog today, too; I have a massive backlog of subjects, and even a half-completed bit on the Tokarev and the CZ-52.

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Anonymous said...


Dang, Tam, you're right: I have become The Kiss Of Death. :( Sorry.

Saturday was a good day. The kind of day most people on,ly wish they could have!