Friday, November 13, 2009

Overheard in the Hallway:

Me: "I'm glad to see the 'colander-on-the-face' meme getting a little traction."

RX: "It's because of you that I bought a colander. I had a mesh strainer before, but then I realized what a valuable raw material colanders would be after the apocalypse."

Me: "We should buy several. That way we could outfit a whole bunch of Lords of the Wasteland."


Anonymous said...

I keep telling you that the "Outfit yourself as a Third Wold Dictator" webiste and the "Outfit yourself as a Lord of the Wasteland" website would be money makers!

Upload a photo of yourself, click on uniforms from across the world, and sunglasses, don't forget the sunglasses.

Shootin' Buddy

fast richard said...

So, how many layers of colander does it take to make something more useful as armor than as a blindfold?

Also, by your celebrity height theory, does that mean I might NOT be shorter than Dustin Hoffman, Henry Winkler, Tom Cruise, and Elijah Wood?

Joanna said...

Dang, my colander is plastic. And purple. I think I'm hosed.

At least I'll have clean lettuce.

The Armed Canadian said...

You need the metal colander to provide the necessary bass to your voice so "Just walk away..." will sound right rolling across the wasteland.

Here's hoping they don't remake The Road Warrior with purple plastic colanders.

Joanna said...

Armed Candadian: I dunno, that could give it a good Zombieland vibe. Plus a rifle shot, followed by a "thud-piff" in the dirt by the intruder's feet, would probably be a more impressive sound effect.

Blast Hardcheese said...

Can I be the Ayatollah of RocknRolla instead of Lord of the Wasteland? I'm thinking of an Elvis-type white polyester jumpsuit (with huge collar and spangles, natch). Should go well with the colander.

Joanna said...

Blast: You'd have to BeDazzle it first.

Pop N Fresh said...

can't find any contact info (you probably would never get anything done if it were easy to contact you) but wanted to throw a book out there in case you missed it: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies