Tuesday, November 17, 2009

National Ammo Day.

Thursday is National Ammo Day.

This is especially fortuitous, because I put a hurtin' on my supply of 9x19 and .45ACP plinking ammo on Sunday, and the bottom is visible in the .22LR ammo can. I don't want to have to break into my stash of unplated bullets, so it's time for another brick or two of the plated stuff.


pdb said...

Judging from the shelves at my local merchants 'o death, I might actually have a fighting chance at getting some metallic ammo this year. Last year I had to settle for shotshells.

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Joseph said...

WTF? Hasn't this been National Ammo Day ALL YEAR LONG!

Velcro8ball said...

You've probably covered this before, but why unplated for the stash instead of plated?

PS, Huzzah

Laughingdog said...

"The goal of National Ammo Day is to empty the ammunition from the shelves."

My first thought on reading this line was "Too Late". My choices right now are either go to Walmart and buy rifle ammo, despite not actually owning anything that shoots those calibers, or pay $40-$50 at the local gun store.

I was actually able to forgive the range owner his high prices initially, since you are required to shoot range ammo if you rent a gun. Lower prices would lead to him not having any ammo for the rentals. But my opinion changed when he started charging $60-$70 for 1000 primers. He didn't pay any more for the primers than usual, but that didn't stop him from trying to make an extra $40 or so per box.

Tam said...

You're assuming that they cost him no more than normal.

Even if they did, and he charged his regular price, then somebody would have come in before you, bought them all, and then sold them for the $40 markup at the next gun show.

Doesn't capitalism just suck balls? Vote Obama '12! He'll fix it so that there's no more gouging on primers! ;)

Army of Dad said...

Thank you for the reminder, I nearly forgot! (shame on me)

Joseph said...

Some also forget the other part of capitalism, consumers choice. If we feel that a business has acted wrongly, we have an obligation to not patronize that business.

DJ said...

Started early:


Happy Ammo Day!

Tam said...

Personally, I'd like to know which wholesaler is selling primers for "no more than usual".