Sunday, December 11, 2016

Day Forty-One:

Bobbi's working the weird shift. Got to bed around midnight-ish. Huck's frantic food cravings started around 0510, and resulted in him attacking Rannie every five minutes. Rannie was trying to sleep curled up against my legs. Shut Huck out of room @ 0540. Stressed-out Rannie promptly threw up.

Fed cats at 0600, laid in bed til 0700 watching local news, and then slept 'til 0900 when I woke up, got dressed, and did my three laps in the Adidas snow boots and winter coat. The snow that was happening barely rated the descriptor "flurry", and there wasn't any on the ground to speak of.

1.00 miles in 18:39 at an average heart rate of 126bpm.