Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Imperfect world...

The Ruger Mk.IV and the Honor Defense Honor Guard 9 went along to Indy Arms Co. yesterday morning, the latter for a forthcoming Shooting Illustrated piece. Before I started shooting, I secured the rear sight set screw on the Ruger Mk.IV with some Loctite.

The HG9 had been shooting to the left for me, and the reason became apparent yesterday...

One of the nicer points about the HG9 is that it uses Glock 43 sights, piggybacking on that gun's popularity for a wider range of aftermarket sight availability. But Glock front sights have a threaded post for a base, secured by a little nut inside the slide.

If not adequately provided with threadlocker compound, this nut will work loose and allow the front sight to wiggle. If the front sight gets too wiggly, it'll shear off under recoil. Fortunately I caught this one before it got that bad, and a little blue Loctite will fix it right up.

 Neither handgun experienced any malfunctions. The rear sight held steady on the Ruger. This makes 1,000 total rounds through the gun with one failure to eject (#714).

I did notice that the pivot at the front of the frame had started to walk. We'll just be tightening this down.