Tuesday, December 13, 2016

New 2,000-round project...

I'd purchased a Glock 19 Gen4 for another reason some months back, but that project didn't materialize, and so I've decided to run it through a 2,000 round test for the amusement of the internet.
The brand new-pistol was field-stripped, lubricated to factory specification, and reassembled.

Fifty rounds of Winchester NATO FMJ were loaded into my two ETS magazines, while the three magazines that came with the Gen4 19 were filled with Wolf Polyformance 115gr FMJ. The remaining five rounds left in the box of Wolf were loaded into one of my other G19 mags.

As expected, all 100 rounds fired without any failures. That's 100 down and 1,900 to go.

The Ruger American Compact had spent the night locked in the trunk of my car in the unheated garage. Between the gunk of 520 rounds and whatever lube was on the gun being a little congealed, the slide was noticeably tougher to hand-cycle, and there were two light strikes on the hard military-spec primers of the Winchester ammo. There were no failures to feed, extract, or eject, however.

A size comparison between the store's rental Glock 27 subcompact, the Ruger American Compact, and the compact Glock 19. The 12-shot Ruger is similar to the M&P Compact, in that it slots between the 10-shot G26 and 15-shot G19.