Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Weather Whining...

Finishing up a test for a magazine and today was supposed to be chrono day. As recently as lunch time yesterday, the weather gurus were saying that today was going to be Mostly Cloudy with a high of 34°F before the temps took a nosedive tonight.

I figured that I could chrono at MCF&G today and use tomorrow to shoot some benched groups indoors at Indy Arms Co...

I wake up to the news this morning and the SNOW PATROL logo is scrolling across the screen.


They're calling for 1"-3" between now and lunchtime, which is guaranteed to make the roads a mess during the morning commute, plus I'm not sure I want to try and slither the Zed Drei down the gravel road to MCF&G with fresh snow/ice on the ground. I mean, I'm pretty sure I could get it down into the range without sliding into Eagle Creek, but getting back out again could get pretty sporty on that steep stretch.

And the Forester is still deadlined because I need to come up with the scratch for a used or rebuilt transmission.

And the mailbox is still living up to my pet nickname for it: "the empty box of crushing disappointment bolted to the front of the house".


Oh, well. Tomorrow will be better.