Sunday, December 25, 2016

The show must go on...

Friday saw the arrival of my Gadgets from Tau Development Group, and I promptly added one to the Glock 37 and one to the Robar custom Glock 17.

I took the 37 to Indy Arms Company along with the Gen4 19 on Christmas Eve. The former was (nominally, at least) to do a live function test with the production Gadget installed, although the real reason was that I like shooting it. The 19 had fifty rounds of Winchester's NATO FMJ loaded in the ETS mags, as well as a partial box containing twenty-one rounds of 124gr CCI Blazer Brass that had been sliding around in the trunk of the car for most of the year...since the Canik test, at least. I ran the CCI through the Magpul 15-round mag.

There were no malfunctions of any type to report.

I got a little carried away on those ten-yard headshots with the 37; a little slower would have helped. I like the Zev Fulcrum trigger in that gun, by the way, at least as far as the characteristics of the trigger pull itself, but the shape of the trigger pad and trigger safety just tears my trigger finger up.

That makes 1,117 rounds through the Gen4 19 since it was cleaned or lubricated with one failure-to-fire (#205) and two failures-to-feed (#814, #864*). 883 rounds to go.

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