Friday, December 02, 2016

Day Thirty-Two:

Woke up with the alarm at 0600. Back sore, but not as sore as sometimes. Washed a couple aspirin down with a Spicy Hot V8 and dragged the trash can and nine bags of leaves to the curb, then set off for my three laps.

Saw a new pedestrian, about a head shorter than me, blonde, alternating jogging and walking southbound with what looked to be an Australian shepherd mix.

Since I've only encountered her the once, she gets tentatively filed with the Pack of Speedwalking Ladies as "irregular", as opposed to regulars like Quiet Guy with Big Silent Snuffling Floofy Black Dog Off-Leash, Very Nice Obviously Gay Guy with Brace of Silky Terriers, or Dude With Glasses Getting Towed by Two Big Lunging Barky-Dogs.